Scheduling: First event between August 16 – 22, second event between September 6 – 12; use the Commander Party scheduling template

Format: Commander

Rules Enforcement Level: Casual

Pairing Method: Player List Only

Promo Support:

  • Participation promo
  • Promos will be included with your Bloomburrow seasonal promo kit

All promos are available while supplies last. For complete promo details, refer to the Promo Usage & Policies hub.

Commander Party materials will be sent to your store in English; local-language files are available to download and print on the marketing materials page.

What is Commander Party?

Commander Party is a special seasonal Commander event where players are immersed in the Bloomburrow setting and story. The special rules for Commander Party are designed specifically around the theme of the set, found nowhere else.

These events are ideal for players new to your store, where they participate in a casual in-store event and get absorbed in the world of Magic.

At Bloomburrow Commander Party, players choose a Party Card aligned with one of the ten groups of animal folk residing in Bloomburrow and make their way around a wheel of seasons. Some seasons bring bountiful harvest and good weather, while others, well…players will have to work creatively using their animal folk's special skills if they aim to win.

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