Double Masters 2022: WPN Premium Preview Event

Double Masters 2022: WPN Premium Preview Event

During Double Masters 2022 season, metrics count for all regions.

As a reminder, we are extending the WPN play metric snapshot grace period to February 18, 2023 in all regions except for Latin America, where the grace period has been extended to May 23, 2023. Until the end of the grace period, promo and product allocations will be based on live metrics or the Q1 2020 metric snapshot, whichever is higher.

All events reported through Wizards EventLink, including Webcam and At-Home events, will count towards play metrics: Tickets, Engaged Players, and Activated Players.

The Double Masters 2022 Preview Event is a WPN-Premium-Exclusive event.

Double Masters 2022 offers power and style like no other set release. Every pack contains two Rare or Mythic Rares and two foils so you can get a double dose of some of the strongest, coolest Magic cards ever made.

Qualifying WPN Premium stores will receive a set allocation of Double Masters 2022 product to use for the event or as prizing. If you are not running in-store play, you may run the event as an At Home or Webcam event. Draft Boosters may only be used for event materials and prizing for Preview Events during this time period. There are two participation promos. Players may receive one of each participation promo for each entry into a preview event while supplies last.

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