Scheduling: Between November 1 – 3; use the Open House scheduling template

Format: New Player Event

Rules Enforcement Level: Any

Pairing Method: Player List Only

Promo Support:

  • Participation promo
  • Welcome Decks
  • Sticker Sheet (Starter Kit gift-with-purchase)
  • Promos will be included with your Duskmourn: House of Horror seasonal promo kit

All promos are available while supplies last. For complete promo details, refer to the Promo Usage & Policies hub.

What is Open House?

Open House is the primary space where new-to-Magic players can come and learn how to play Magic: The Gathering in a social environment—your store! You may consider transforming your space into a haunted house-themed haven to match the Duskmourn: House of Horror aesthetic; crafting memorable experiences makes new players all the more likely to return (if they dare).

Plus, Welcome Decks make a triumphant return beginning with Duskmourn: House of Horror! These 30-card decks can be provided to new players during events such as Open House or for walk-in demos any time. There are two decks in each box; one in an indicated color, and the other a random one of the five mana colors in Magic.

After the demo experience, the new player can take home this promotional deck free-of-charge to continue their Magic journey. They are an exceptional tool for new player acquisition, giving new players a peek at some Booster Fun (with 2 Booster Fun cards in each deck), plus a way to play against a friend or mentor until they get the hang of the rules.

Your engaged players in the community are welcome to join the fun, bring their own friends along to teach, or even become a mentor to newer players in your community.

You can run demonstrations using the Welcome Decks and send players off to play casual games using those decks, or team up new players with experienced mentors in Two-Headed Giant matches using those same Welcome Decks.

Open House is a key opportunity for your store to engage with curious players and help prepare them for the next set's Prerelease event.

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