Scheduling: Between October 25 – October 31. Retailers must schedule in Wizards EventLink before August 23 to be eligible to receive free-of-charge event and prize support items via your distributor.

Format: Sealed Deck (Chaos)

Rules Enforcement Level: Any

Pairing Method: Player List Only

Promo & Prize Support:

  • Trick Event Goodie Bag, containing:
    • 4 Duskmourn: House of Horrors Play Boosters
    • 2 random Magic: The Gathering Boosters (sent free-of-charge to your store)
    • 1 Emblem card
    • Promos will be sent to qualifying stores directly from your preferred distributor

All promos are available while supplies last; limit 1 Trick event sign-up per customer. Random Boosters may be Play, Draft, Collector, or Mystery. Players must register for the event using a Wizards Account to receive a Trick Event Goodie Bag. For complete promo details, refer to the Promo Usage & Policies hub.

What is Trick or Treat Duskmourn: House of Horror?

Trick Event Details

Celebrate Halloween with a spook-tacular event that invites players to participate in Sealed Deck events with a chilling twist. Participating players who dare to register for the Trick event with their Wizards Account will receive a Trick Event Goodie Bag containing 4 Duskmourn: House of Horror Play Boosters (provided from your store's stock) and 2 random Magic: The Gathering boosters, which may be Play, Draft, Set, Collector, or even Mystery Boosters (provided by Wizards of the Coast through your distributor).

With their goodie bags in hand, players will then create a 40-card deck from the contents of the boosters and begin facing off in one-on-one matches with other participants! All players will begin the game with the following emblem, found in their bags: "Whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, choose one: Trick – create a treasure token. Treat – create a food token."

Trick Event Free-of-Charge Prize Allocation Details

WPN stores who schedule their events in Wizards EventLink before August 23 will be allocated one Collector Booster display and one additional display of Boosters to support participation prizing for 24 players (two boosters per player) for the event. WPN Premium stores who schedule on time will be allocated two Collector Booster displays and two additional displays of Boosters. Additional event and prizing product may be purchased through your distributor.

Treat Sales Promotion Details

Duskmourn: House of Horror is a set so scary it's good, but it's not all tricks at this event—starting October 31, you can use the same Trick Goodie Bags described above to reward customers who spend $75 USD (or equivalent in local currency) on sealed Magic: The Gathering product in-store.

WPN stores may choose how many goodie bags to use for each side of this program; any unused Goodie Bags from the Trick event should be used for the Treat sales promotion.

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