Scheduling: Between August 2 – September 19; use the Standard Showdown scheduling template

Format: Standard

Rules Enforcement Level: Regular recommended

Pairing Method: Swiss

Promo Support:

  • Winner promo, Ossification
  • Promos will be included with your Bloomburrow seasonal promo kit

All promos are available while supplies last. For complete promo details, refer to the Promo Usage & Policies hub.

What is Standard Showdown?

Standard Showdown is a weekly Standard play program, where players gather to face off in tournaments using their Standard deck and winners walk away with awesome promos every week! It's an incredible opportunity to bolster repeat play practices at your store.

With the expansion of the Standard rotation, your community has even more time to refine their decks and enjoy their collections—and with Standard Showdown, they'll have more opportunities to test their mettle against other competitive players in the community.

Please keep in mind that Standard Showdown encourages competitive play but does not feed into competitive play events like the Pro Tour.

Additional Details

  • Starting with Bloomburrow, Standard Showdown will be an evergreen template in Wizards EventLink, just like Friday Night Magic—meaning you can schedule as many events past the Bloomburrow season window as you like. Please continue to use the Standard Showdown template for Standard Showdown events.
  • All WPN stores are allocated at least enough seasonal Standard Showdown promos to provide 1 to the winner of each week’s event.
  • Based on your WPN play metrics, you may be allocated more than 1 Standard Showdown promo per week. In that case, you are welcome to provide additional promos to attendees at your discretion but be sure to reserve at least enough to provide 1 to the winner of each remaining week in the season.
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