Apr 3, 2017

2 Free Marketing Tools

Need an event calendar or a website to help promote your upcoming events? These tools have you covered.

Apr 3, 2017

2 Free Marketing Tools

Need an event calendar or a website to help promote your upcoming events? These tools have you covered.

An easy-to-update event calendar and a modern website are two critical resources that successful WPN stores rely on in the run-up to a new set’s release.

Do yours need a quick makeover? These tools, recommended by other stores, could help you too!

Event Calendar

When we polled other WPN members about what tools they used for managing an event calendar, without a doubt, Google Calendar was the most recommended resource.

I use Google Calendar and make a post with a link to it on the Facebook page. Then I pin that post to the top so the first post anyone sees on our page is the calendar. —Reggie Kemp, LANslide GameCenter

You only need a free Google account to set one up.

It even has an embed feature that enables you to show your event calendar on resources like your website.

Josh Fohrman of Game On included his Google Calendar as a unique tab on his store’s Facebook page by using a Facebook app. For another option, you can also use this app to add a tab that works with Google Calendar.


According to successful WPN stores, a modern business website is a critical resource for showcasing your store and reaching potential customers.

Something about having a website in today’s era just feels more professional. I know whenever I come across a business without one, I judge them. —Reggie Kemp, LANslide GameCenter

And it’s not just a mark of professionalism.

In today’s world, an up-to-date, mobile-ready website performs better in online searches, which is where new customers often begin when they’re seeking out an event like Prerelease to attend.

One free website creation tool recommended on the WPN Facebook group was Weebly.

Weebly offers free websites, and they are super easy to design yourself. —Kelli Briggs Humbert, Firefly Toys & Games

Weebly features a catalog of website templates that can be previewed and customized with little effort.

[Weebly's] really so affordable and it will bring you business. You get a Google listing and you go up higher in search results. —Anna Warren Cebrian, Isle of Gamers

Other similar website builder services that were mentioned include Wix and Jimdo.

With Amonkhet and a robust line-up of new programs on the horizon, try using one or both of these free tools to help begin promoting Prerelease, Draft Weekend, Magic League, Standard Showdown, and other events at your store!

By Jordan Comar

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