Oct 31, 2022 — Events, Casual Play, Promos

20 Ways to Make the Most of Your Magic 30th Anniversary Promos

Make Prerelease even more memorable with your 30th Anniversary promos.

Oct 31, 2022 — Events, Casual Play, Promos

20 Ways to Make the Most of Your Magic 30th Anniversary Promos

Make Prerelease even more memorable with your 30th Anniversary promos.

Dominaria United began an epic celebration for Magic: The Gathering's 30th anniversary: it was the first of eight Magic Prereleases that are supported with special promos! We're sending your store a total of 30 promos over this period: one to represent each year of Magic's rich history. Seven of these 30 promos will be printed in one of our regional languages to celebrate Magic fans around the globe.

Your Dominaria United Prerelease was supported by retro frame promos Serra Angel, Ball Lightning, and a German-language Fyndhorn Elves.

GIF of hand holding Serra Angel, Ball Lightning, and German-language Fyndhorn Elves

For The Brothers' War, we're giving you four promos to support Prerelease: Wood Elves, Wall of Roots, Windfall, and a Chinese (Simplified)-language version of Loyal Retainers.

Wood Elves, Wall of Roots, Windfall, and Loyal Retainers printed in Chinese

And there are many more to come as we approach future releases! That's a lot of promos—here are just a few suggestions for how you can use your 30th Anniversary promos to support Prerelease events in-store!

Encouraging Early Prerelease Sign-ups

Your 30th anniversary promos can help you encourage more Prerelease event registrations. Consider using these strategies to drive more event sign-ups.

1. For Prerelease Preregistration

Passing out promos for Prerelease preregistration is a straightforward way to show your players some extra appreciation.

2. For Signing Up for Multiple Events at Once

Building up an engaged player base is a key step to building a healthy community of gamers: reward repeat sign-ups with promos to encourage this behavior.

3. To Players Who Attended Last Set's Prerelease

Rewarding repeat play can take many forms, and earning an additional promo is a direct way to encourage additional event sign-ups throughout the year.

4. For Sharing Preregistration on Social Media

When players spread the word about your store, it may draw in new, curious customers to your doorstep.

5. To the First 30 Players Signing Up Per Prerelease

Giving promos out to the first 30 players that sign up for each Prerelease event may help fill your lower-attendance days, like Sundays.

6. To the First 3 Prerelease Sign-ups

If your community is large enough, you may extend this to 10 or 30 promos, encouraging even more early sign-ups for your events.

7. To the First 3 Jumpstart Prerelease Sign-ups

Offering promos may help boost attendance at newer events and amplify the appeal of the unique experience Jumpstart Prerelease gives to your players.

8. To Players Who Join Both Jumpstart and Traditional Prerelease

You can pass out promos to the first 3, 10, or 30 players who participate in both Jumpstart and traditional Prerelease, depending on available promos and your community size.

Sportsmanship and Mentorship

Your 30th anniversary promos can also help you reinforce a welcoming environment at your store—and encourage your players to support each other.

9. For Good Sportsmanship

Rewarding positive in-store play moments encourages your whole community to be a better sport, whether it comes to wins or losses.

10. For Player-to-Player Mentorship

You can give promos to players who explain card rules or new mechanics to each other, or experienced players who offer to teach someone new.

11. To Players Who Help During Deckbuilding

Deck building can be a difficult skill for newer players in your store, so you can reward mentors who help during this process.

12. To New Players

Receiving a promo can help a new player feel more welcome to your store's community, making their experience a memorable one that encourages them to return for repeat play.

13. To Players Who Bring 3 Friends

Passing out promos to players who bring along their friends is another strategy that rewards players for helping you grow your community.

Playing Magic and Just for Fun!

Our final suggestions cover classic methods to reward play in-store, plus some fun options that may make Prerelease even more lively.

14. For Completing 30 Games Across Prereleases

You can award a promo to a player who completes 30 games across all eight Prerelease events—if you have especially passionate players, they may be able to accomplish this during The Brothers' War Prerelease week.

15. To the First-Place Winner at Prerelease

You may want to save your community's most sought-after promos for top prizes at Prerelease tournaments to draw more players to the big event. You may also expand this to your Top 3 Prerelease winners.

16. To Players Who Score 3-0 in Three Rounds

Winning games of Magic always feels rewarding to your players, but adding another layer of challenge with a promo reward can make the win feel even more memorable.

17. For Joining Your Store's Discord

Building your store's community extends to the virtual space—rewarding new Discord members with promos during Prerelease will help them be aware of any announcements and events you have in the future.

18. For Sharing Prerelease Decks on Social Media

Encourage players to memorialize their first deck with the new set on social media; to make each post easier to find, you can ask players to tag your store in their post.

19. For Sharing Jumpstart Decks on Social Media

One great aspect of Jumpstart Boosters is the unexpected themes—invite them to share their experience online and tag your store.

20. To a Random Player at the 30-Minute Mark

Just for fun, you can announce a random raffle when the clock strikes half past the hour (for example, at 4:30). You may choose to do this once during your event or multiple times depending on how long the Prerelease festivities last at your store.

Per the WPN policy, you may not sell promo cards or tie them to sales that do not include a Prerelease ticket in any way until the surplus promo policy becomes active for each Prerelease group of 30th Anniversary promos. For example, the Dominaria United surplus promo policy becomes active on The Brothers' War release, November 18.

You're ready to celebrate 30 years of Magic with your community! Continue to schedule your events and use downloadable Marketing Materials to advertise Prerelease to your players.

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