Dec 14, 2018 — Organized Play

4 New Competitive Magic Events Coming Next Year

Get the breakdown of how your store fits into the new competitive Magic ecosystem. 

Dec 14, 2018 — Organized Play

4 New Competitive Magic Events Coming Next Year

Get the breakdown of how your store fits into the new competitive Magic ecosystem. 

Last week, Wizards announced a new system for competitive Magic: The Gathering—one that takes the legacy of our pioneering tabletop system and integrates Magic's new digital platform, MTG Arena. The new system provides opportunities for pros, players, sponsors—and WPN member stores.

Beginning Spring 2019, stores will have the chance to formally apply to host qualifier events for the new peak of competitive Magic. Successful applicants will be highly accomplished stores with a standing relationship with Wizards—and a working knowledge of how their events fit into the larger competitive Magic ecosystem.

With that in mind, here are four new events coming to the competitive Magic scene in 2019:


Mythic Championship


Formerly known as Pro Tours, Mythic Championships are the new pinnacle of Magic competitive gaming. They're high prize pool, high drama events, and they take place in both MTG Arena and tabletop.

Here's the schedule for tabletop Mythic Championships in 2019:

  • Cleveland, Ohio, United States, February 22–24, 2019
  • London, United Kingdom, April 26–28, 2019
  • Barcelona, Spain, July 26–28, 2019
  • Richmond, Virginia, United States, November 8–10, 2019

The first two still belong to the current/sundowning system (PPTQs, RPTQs, etc). Players will qualify for the latter two through a new pilot program wherein players can earn their Mythic Championship berth by winning a single, invite-only event at a store like yours.

Which leads us to:


Mythic Championship Qualifier—Invite-Only


Starting with qualifier events for the Mythic Championship in Barcelona (which begin Spring 2019), we'll launch a pilot program in which players can qualify for a Mythic Championship directly via a single event at a WPN member store.

To give us a chance to collect data and feedback before rolling out the new system more broadly—and to create the best possible initial player experience—Wizards will hand-pick stores for the first MCQs. For the following round of MCQs (for Richmond), you'll have the chance to apply.

Here's what you need to know:

  • They'll be invite-only. Under the old paradigm, qualifier events sometimes hit as any as 400 players. Under the new and improved system, Wizards will limit attendance at certain Mythic Championship Qualifier (MCQ) events to keep event durations comfortable. (Other qualifying events will be open to the public. We'll get to that.)
  • Players will earn MCQ invites through in-store play. Because these new qualifier events will be invite-only, players earn invites through play in stores like yours.
  • WPN member stores can formally apply to host a qualifier. Starting with MCQs for Richmond, Virginia (which begin Summer 2019), WPN members stores will have the chance to formally apply to host an MCQ.

We know a lot of stores are eager to get started on their MCQ plan, and we're excited, too. But a lot of details—things you'll want to know as you prep an application and, ultimately, the event—are going to depend on the kind of results we see in the first round (attendance, and so on).

So we appreciate your patience as we put on the finishing touches.


Mythic Championship Qualifier—Open


Some Mythic Championship Qualifiers will be open to the public, with no attendance cap. They'll be hosted by professional event organizers selected by Wizards, and some will award multiple Mythic Championship berths.

This probably sounds familiar—it's like the Pro Tour Qualifier (PTQ) system that we retired after Dragons of Tarkir in 2015.




Players can also qualify for Mythic Championships via Grand Prix—soon to be the main event at MagicFest: large celebrations of all things Magic. There will be side events, artists, panels, qualifying tournaments, and sometimes, Mythic Championships themselves.

Under the new system, if one of your players earns their Mythic Championship berth via MagicFest, they'll typically qualify for a Mythic Championship in the same region in which they qualified, rather than whichever Championship happens to be next chronologically.

If you want a deeper dive into the new world of competitive Magic—including info on how players qualify via MTG Arena and Magic Online—get the breakdown from Elaine Chase, Vice President of Esports, here.

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