Jan 21, 2015

The 5 Ws of Good PR

Get the public relations essentials to build your business!

Jan 21, 2015

The 5 Ws of Good PR

Get the public relations essentials to build your business!

Global corporations value good public relations because it means high customer loyalty and a strong reputation.

For most WPN retailers, PR translates to "community relations." But even for a local game store, it pays to cultivate good PR.

And whether your business is global or local, the PR fundamentals are the same:

1. Who's your audience?

Good PR starts by homing in on your potential audience. Focus on understanding their wants, needs and habits and how you can reach them effectively.


What's the age, personality, attitude, values, and interests of my target audience?

Where does my target audience hang out?

2. What's your story?

A good story is the best PR.

Tell your story:

Why and how did you start your business?

What are your favorite positive anecdotes from events or from behind the counter?

Sharing these stories on your blog, on social media, and beyond can help define your place in the gaming ecosystem and give your potential customers a personality to connect with.

3. Why are you special?

Your story informs what makes you different (and better) from all the other stores in your area.

Prepare your "elevator speech:" a thirty-second mission statement, encapsulating your philosophy and your unique value proposition.

Try this template:

[My business name] provides [our unique value proposition] to [our target audience]. We value [our philosophy].

Memorize it, and always be ready to promote your business with local press and business partners.

4. When press needs an expert, is it you?

Tailor your website and social media content to position yourself as an expert on not just particular games, but the gaming industry as a whole.

The more press you get as an expert, the more opportunities you'll have to promote your business.

Like Dork Den, where owners Joe Huber and Greg Fenske were fully prepared to comment when the Mankato Free Press needed an authority on the growing hobby gaming industry.

5. Where is your place in the community?

Spread your influence beyond your store's doors by getting involved in local events.

Like Dizzy Dugout, who gave out Magic sample decks at their community's Halloween Walk; or Game Knight, who ran a Prerelease at a local anime festival.

Better PR means a better reputation and better visibility—two factors that can help see your business through the long-term.

So put these essentials into effect today!

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