Jan 13, 2017

Aether Revolt: 5 Things You Should Know

Prerelease is this weekend! Here are five things you'll need to be ready.

Jan 13, 2017

Aether Revolt: 5 Things You Should Know

Prerelease is this weekend! Here are five things you'll need to be ready.

Aether Revolt is less than a week away!

Here are five things you'll want to know to be ready for the uprising:

1. It's about feeling like part of a movement.

In Aether Revolt, the optimism of Kaladesh is replaced by outrage. When the Consulate limits aether access, Chandra and Pia Nalaar lead a group of renegades to take back the power.

Why it matters: The feeling of a shared struggle is part of the appeal of the set. The atmosphere of wonder and innovation from Kaladesh remains, but repurposed for a cause.

2. You can download a ton of free materials to promote and improve your events.

Check out our Marketing Materials page and get headers for your Twitter page, animated .GIFs for social media, flyers, posters, table numbers, and more. There's even a coloring page to help occupy players between rounds.

3. The sealed deck mix is 4 AER, 2 KLD. Booster Drafts go AER-AER-KLD

Also, the energy mechanic returns, meaning it may be worth having energy token cards on hand to make sure players can keep track of their energy counter totals.

Energy token cards can be found in some Aether Revolt and Kaladesh booster packs, plus there's a printable version on our Marketing Materials page.

4. It will be in Standard until deep into 2018.

Last October, we adjusted the Standard rotation from a twice-yearly cadence to a once-yearly cadence. That means that Aether Revolt will remain in Standard until the as-yet-unannounced second large set releases in 2018.

Why it matters: Standard is by far the most popular way to play Magic, meaning Aether Revolt will remain crucial to most in-store Magic events for almost two years.

5. It's pronounced "ee-ther."

Not "eh-ther," not "aye-ther." It's "ee-ther."

Still have questions? Reach out to Retail Support.

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