Apr 19, 2022 — League

APAC League Championship Dates Announced

Get all the info you need to know about the APAC League Championship coming this December.

Apr 19, 2022 — League

APAC League Championship Dates Announced

Get all the info you need to know about the APAC League Championship coming this December.

The first APAC League Qualifier events have just passed, and we hope you're gearing up your community for the next round.

Today, we're diving in to cover APAC League Championship dates and details! APAC League Championship events will take place in December 2022. The specific date of the APAC League Championship in your area will be determined by the tournament organizers, which will be announced later this year.

Selection of Tournament Organizers

The selection of tournament organizers for the APAC League Championship event has already started, so if you are interested in being a tournament organizer for your region, let your WPN Business Development Specialist know by May 4.

Tournament organizers are selected based on several factors, including experience with organizing large tournaments, Magic community size, and store capacity. Working toward achieving WPN Premium may also help you be selected as one of the tournament organizers.

APAC League Championship Winner Prizes

There is a suite of stunning prizes available for the Top 2 winners of the APAC League Championship:

  • An exclusive trophy

  • A limited AR-enabled Year of the Tiger Collector Pin Set made by Pinfinity

  • Two playmats

Players ranking in 3rd through 24th place will still receive the Collector Pin Set and one of two available playmats at random. Players ranking in 25th through 64th place will receive one random pin from the Pinfinity collection, plus one of the two available playmats at random.

Encourage your players to tap into their inner tiger at the Championship to get their hands on these prizes!

APAC League Championship Need-to-Knows

As you build up to the Championship event at the end of the year, there are a few key things you'll need to keep in mind so your Championship event runs smoothly.

First, the Championship event is invite only, meaning only the Top 2 winners from each qualifier event—for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Streets of New Capenna, and Dominaria United respectively—can receive an invitation to the Championship Event.

The invitation to the APAC League Championship event will be an invite token that will be sent to you alongside your APAC League marketing materials kit soon. We recommend you mark down the winners' names, the name of your store, and the event date on the invite token.

When scheduling your APAC League Championship event, be sure to use the designated template in Wizards EventLink to ensure the event is reported properly for your store.

Once your APAC League events have concluded, we encourage you to use the rest of your APAC League promos to support additional events you run, in the way that works best for your community.

As you prepare for your APAC League Championship events, we encourage you to continue following local government guidelines regarding gathering restrictions. If your store is unable to host a large gathering in-person, you may be able to hold multiple smaller qualifiers that feed into a final event, so long as you use the APAC League Championship template for your final event.

APAC League Second Qualifier Event

While you're gearing up your community for the Championship, don't forget that the Streets of New Capenna APAC League Qualifier event is coming soon: from May 6–June 19, you can host an APAC League Qualifier event for your community.

The event sanctioning window is from April 10–May 1 for Streets of New Capenna APAC League Qualifier events. To ensure you don't miss the opportunity to host this event for your community, please be sure to have your event scheduled in Wizards EventLink within the sanctioning window.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your WPN Specialist.

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