Jul 10, 2024 — Bloomburrow, Promos

Bloomburrow Events & Promos Overview

Check out the contents coming in your marketing kit, plus details on events running throughout Bloomburrow play season.

Jul 10, 2024 — Bloomburrow, Promos

Bloomburrow Events & Promos Overview

Check out the contents coming in your marketing kit, plus details on events running throughout Bloomburrow play season.

The woodland world of Bloomburrow is filled with creatures and environments wondrous to behold—and it's nearly time for your community to shrink down to big adventure! Which animal folk will your players choose to become as they band together to defend Valley from the Calamity Beasts?

Before we dive into your marketing kit contents, we want to draw your attention to one key event update as you begin scheduling your Bloomburrow events: the event scheduling window for Store Championship has expanded! You can now schedule your Store Championship event on the day of your preference between August 24 and September 15.

We hope this flexibility allows you to drive more players to Standard Showdown to ramp their skills for this epic in-store tournament.

Read on for the overview of promos and more event details for Bloomburrow.

Bloomburrow Promos & Usage

Event Promos

  • Ravenous Squirrel – Open House participation promo; players that bring a new player to the store for this event receive a second copy of the promo—and so does the new player
  • Ossification – Standard Showdown promo; provide one copy to top player each week
  • Heirloom Blade – Commander Party participation promo; WPN Premium stores receive foil versions
  • Monastery Swiftspear – Store Championship participation promo
  • Shark Typhoon – Store Championship Top 8 promo
  • Full-Art Urza's Saga – Store Championship Winner promo
  • Mabel Enamel Keychain – WPN Premium exclusive; provide one to customers who spend $75 or more (or equivalent in local currency) on sealed Magic: The Gathering products

Seasonal Items

  • Flubs, the Fool – Buy-a-Box promo; for players who purchase a full display of Play or Collector Boosters (in-store purchase or pick-up only)
  • 1 Foil Bloomburrow poster – for prominent in-store display
  • Sticker Sheets – gift-with-purchase for Bloomburrow Starter Kit
  • English-language Commander Party materials – includes Play Aids and Party Cards, to support Commander Party play*
  • Promo Packs – in both foil and nonfoil, to support events for Bloomburrow season

*Commander Party materials are also available to download in additional languages.

Bloomburrow promotional materials

Buy-a-Box Promo Details: Mechanically Unique, Not Found in Play Boosters

For Bloomburrow, the Buy-a-Box promo is mechanically unique and cannot be found within Bloomburrow Play Boosters. In addition, WPN stores will only receive this promo in nonfoil; WPN Premium locations will receive both foil and nonfoil versions.

WPN Premium-exclusive Sales Promo Details: Enamel Mabel Keychain

WPN Premium stores will receive an exclusive item with their Bloomburrow marketing materials: an enamel keychain of mousefolk mother and Valley party leader, Mabel.

WPN Premium exclusive enamel keychain of Mabel, mousefolk mother

Customers who spend $75 USD (or local currency equivalent) in sealed Magic: The Gathering products at your store will receive one adorable Mabel keychain. Event entry costs do not count toward the $75 total.

The promotion kicks off at Prerelease and continues while supplies last.

Bloomburrow Events

Prerelease (July 26 – August 1)

Starting right at Prerelease, WPN stores across the globe (excluding Japan) can sell the full suite of Bloomburrow products as part of Prerelease Early Sales—so players can get their hands on the Buy-a-Box promo right away!

Standard Showdown (August 2 – September 19)

Standard Showdown continues to be a great event to build your Standard community. Schedule it weekly to encourage players to refine their Standard strategy leading up to Store Championship. When scheduling this event in Wizards EventLink, be sure to use the evergreen "Standard Showdown" event template!

The winner each week takes home a copy of Ossification, the first of the Cowboy Bebop promos for Standard Showdown.

Commander Party (August 16 – 22 & September 6 – 12)

At Bloomburrow Commander Party, players choose a Party Card aligned with one of the ten groups of animalfolk residing in Bloomburrow and make their way around a wheel of seasons. Some seasons bring bountiful harvest and good weather, while others shake up the game board for everyone.

Players will have to work creatively using their animalfolk's special skills if they aim to win!

Commander Party materials

Participating players earn a copy of the Commander Party promo, Heirloom Blade, while supplies last.

Store Championship (August 24 – September 15)

The expanded scheduling window for Store Championship allows you to pick the perfect moment for your community to go head-to-head in a tournament against each other for the opportunity to take home awesome promos.

WPN Premium stores receive an extra set of the Top-8 and Winner promos in nonfoil with their store’s name printed on the card. Both versions of each should be provided to qualifying players.

Open House (September 13 – September 15)

Positioned at the end of the season, you can now use Open House as a space for new-to-Magic players to meet mentors and make friends all while preparing them to jump into the next event at your store: Prerelease!

The next Prerelease after Bloomburrow will be Duskmourn: House of Horror, so you might even want to get creative with some of your Open House theming, emphasizing the cute-to-spooky jump players will be making in the following weeks. With a participation promo like Ravenous Squirrel to support the event, the cute-spooky crossover creates itself!

Friday Night Magic (August 12 – September 13)

As always, you can rely on Friday Night Magic to continue to be the day of the week when your community comes to your store to find Magic, friends, and fun. Support this event with promo packs while supplies last!

Your Bloomburrow promotional kits will begin arriving on July 19—but now is the time to schedule your events in Wizards EventLink. Keep this article handy as you plan your event calendar and check back next week for our Prerelease Planning Guide.

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