Dec 18, 2023 — Events

Celebrate The Year of the Dragon with APAC League 2024 Events

The Year of the Dragon is on the horizon, and with it comes epic promos and a Standard-focused League event series.

Dec 18, 2023 — Events

Celebrate The Year of the Dragon with APAC League 2024 Events

The Year of the Dragon is on the horizon, and with it comes epic promos and a Standard-focused League event series.

Lunar New Year is on February 10, 2024, meaning it's nearly time to welcome the Year of the Dragon promos with your Magic community! The Year of the Dragon will begin with the Lunar New Year Celebration event, designed to celebrate the incoming new year, which brings with it the energy and vitality of the noble dragon. After that, we're kicking off another year of APAC League.

Before we dive into promo details, we wanted to share a few changes made to the program in response to your feedback.

  • The APAC League End-of-Year Championship will return!
  • APAC League will be a Standard-focused League event series, with four qualifier seasons.
  • The Lunar New Year Celebration Event is a celebration-only event and does not act as a qualifier towards APAC League.

Lunar New Year Celebration

The dragon is known as one of the most important zodiac animals, and we're eager to show off the first set of Year of the Dragon promos that release following the Murders at Karlov Manor launch. WPN stores in the Asia-Pacific region will receive two epic promos, plus a beautiful 4/4 Dragon token.

Between February 10 and March 31, your store can host any number of Lunar New Year Celebration and Standard Showdown Events. If you schedule Lunar New Year Celebration event, use Standard, Sealed, or Booster Draft formats with the Swiss pairing method.

Each participating player should receive one copy of each of promo cards while supplies last:

  • Sarkhan Unbroken
  • Dragonlord’s Servant
  • 4/4 Dragon Token

APAC League

After the Lunar New Year Celebration event, there will be four qualifier seasons of APAC League. We've listed the corresponding formats, Magic release seasons, and promos below:

  • Qualifier Season 1 (Standard format)—Outlaws of Thunder Junction—Promo: Steel Hellkite
  • Qualifier Season 2 (Modern, Standard, Draft, or Sealed format)—Modern Horizons 3—Promo: Full-Art Mountain
  • Qualifier Season 3 (Standard format)—Bloomburrow—Promo: Korvold, Fae-Cursed King
  • Qualifier Season 4 (Standard format)—Duskmourn: House of Horror—Promo: Dragon Tempest

Provide players with one copy of the promo for each APAC League event they attend during this season, while supplies last.

December: End-of-Year Championship Event

At the end of the year, the qualifying players from each qualifier event across the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) will come together to compete for the winner title. The locations for this grand finale will be revealed at a later date.


How are APAC League Promos distributed to stores?

For Qualifier Season 1, you'll be sent Year of the Dragon participation promos determined by your community size. Your store will only receive promos for the next season if you run a sanctioned event during the previous event season, so be sure to report your events using the proper template in Wizards EventLink.

WPN Premium stores will receive a doubled allocation of promos for your APAC League events.

Who can qualify for End-of-Year Championship event?

The top two players in each of your qualifier season events will receive an invite to the End-of-Year APAC League Championship event in December!

How many End-of-Year Championship events are available in each country?

There will be one End-of-Year Championship event for each country in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan).

Where will the End-of-Year Championship event be held?

The locations for the End-of-Year Championship event will be revealed before Qualifier Season 1 kicks off.

How will players' qualification invitations be passed to Premier Tournament Organizer?

WPN stores will be provided with instructions before Qualifier Season 1 kicks off regarding how to pass qualifying winner details to the Premier Tournament Organizer.

Additional Information

The Year of the Dragon promos will be available in Japan, though distributed in a different way. Stores will use these promos as part of a 2024 Magic League and by participating in Standard events at stores while supplies last. More information about this program will be provided to retailers in Japan by email at a later date.

Stores outside APAC and Japan will also have a chance to celebrate Lunar New Year with us, using their allocation of Lunar New Year Celebration promos to support Standard Showdown events in early February.

We hope you're eager to usher in the Lunar New Year with your community; start sharing these promos early to capture player interest, then direct them preregister for your events once you have them scheduled in Wizards EventLink.

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