Feb 23, 2024 — Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed®

Dates & Details for Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed®

The first look details emerge from the shadows—take a look at what's coming in this summer release.

Feb 23, 2024 — Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed®

Dates & Details for Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed®

The first look details emerge from the shadows—take a look at what's coming in this summer release.

This summer, Assassin's Creed® joins up with Magic: The Gathering to bring your community an epic Modern experience. At MagicCon, we took a first look at the set: now, you can get your players ready to freerun through ancient locales with their favorite Assassins—the past is theirs to explore.

Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed® Key Dates

  • Promotional Kit Delivery (North America & Latin America): Beginning May 31, 2024*
  • Set Release: July 5, 2024

*This shipment is arriving alongside your Modern Horizons 3 promotional materials.

Beyond Boosters Arrive—What Are They?

With this set, we're introducing a new booster: the Beyond Booster. It's a 7-card booster packed with eye-catching cards from the Assassin's Creed® set release. Inside, your community will find classic characters and items, rediscovering their favorite moments from the franchise imagined in a new way.

Beyond Boosters are a unique curated experience, ideal for collectors looking to bring some Assassin's Creed® style to their Modern or Commander decks. Your customers can purchase a full display of Beyond Boosters; they can also find them in the Bundle, where they'll additionally get their hands on other items, including basic lands and a Spindown life counter.

What Other Products Are in the Set?

For those truly aiming for the sharpest Assassin's Creed® cards around, Collector Boosters will be available: each Collector Booster in the set contains 10 cards, containing textured and traditional foils and possibly the special treatment coming with the set: Serialized Historical Figures.

Of course, there will be fans coming into your store who have never touched a Magic card before, but love the Assassin's Creed® franchise. You'll want to point these players to the Starter Kit. Each Starter Kit contains two decks: one blue-black and one red-white. Each deck includes deck boxes for easy storage and a how-to guide to get players started with their first game.

We encourage you, if able, to sit down and demo a game of Magic with newer players using the Starter Kit. Often, having a fun first-time experience encourages players to return to your store again for more events. Depending on what they liked about playing, you may even recommend they pick up a few more Magic products to take home!

Catch Up on Card Reveals

At MagicCon Chicago, we showed off a sample of the cards coming with Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed®.

Buy-a-Box Promo: Hidden Blade

The Buy-a-Box promo card for Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed® is Hidden Blade, in gorgeous borderless art. This is also one of the Iconic Artifacts featured in the set.

Provide one Buy-a-Box promo to each customer that purchases a full display of Beyond or Collector Boosters for in-store pickup, while supplies last.

Serialized Historical Figures

The special treatment, Serialized Historical Figures, allows players to explore the past with key historical figures featured in the Assassin's Creed® games brought to Magic with borderless art and a serialized treatment. The Serialized Historical Figures are found only in Collector Boosters.

The card Cleopatra, Exiled Pharaoh may also be found in Greek language.

Key Locations

Players can revisit key locations from the series through special Scene cards, such as Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the Rome Vista.

Starter Kit Face Cards

Each Starter Kit deck features a face card to represent the decks themselves: coming to this set are Eivor, Battle-Ready to lead the red-white deck, and Ezio, Blade of Vengeance for the blue-black deck.

Textured Foils

The Textured Foils are Collector Booster exclusives, as well; two of the textured foil cards available feature iconic Assassin's Creed characters, Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad, with a sleek background and frame.

As we begin to freerun through the set, keep your resources handy: our product pages will have all the details for each product in the set, plus links to download our marketing materials, including product shots. The Magic website will host even more news you can pass along to your players to get them talking about what they're most looking forward to in the set so far.

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