Oct 19, 2023 — Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout®

Dates & Details for Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout®

Get your first look and mark down key dates for this Universes Beyond release.

Oct 19, 2023 — Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout®

Dates & Details for Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout®

Get your first look and mark down key dates for this Universes Beyond release.

The vault is open! Next spring, your players will have the opportunity to battle their fellow wastelanders for survival as the Fallout® series joins with Magic’s most popular multiplayer format.

Before we dive into the details, make note of the key dates below so you know when to return and get your event on the calendar for this Universes Beyond release.

Scheduling Opens: September 22
Promotional Kit Delivery: Beginning January 26, 2024*
Release: March 8, 2024
Commander Launch Party: March 8 – 10, 2024

*Promotional materials for Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout® will ship alongside promo materials for Murders at Karlov Manor.

Preview Commander Face Cards with Your Community

To get your players talking about the upcoming release, share the first peek at the Commanders they'll be battling with at your Commander Launch Party.

White-Black-Red Deck: Hail, Caesar

Commander: Caesar, Legion's Emperor

Caesar isn’t actually the famous Roman, but his desire for power and conquest is a perfect match for his ancient predecessor. In order to found a new empire, Caesar and his Legion seek control of New Vegas—even if it means war with the New California Republic.

Red-Green-White Deck: Scrappy Survivors

Commander: Dogmeat, Ever Loyal

Dogmeat is every survivor’s best friend. He’ll sniff out rare loot, track down dangerous enemies, fetch useful items, and protect his allies in battle. All he asks for in return is food, pets, and a place to play with his favorite teddy bear.

White-Blue-Red Deck: Science!

Commander: Dr. Madison Li

Dr. Madison Li is one of the brightest scientific minds of her time, spearheading advanced research in The Capital Wasteland and The Commonwealth. While her employers and actions are occasionally questionable, she always fights for the future of the earth.

Blue-Green-Black Deck: Mutant Menace

Commander: The Wise Mothman

Revered as a local legend throughout Appalachia even before the Great War, the Wise Mothman is said to bestow gifts of knowledge upon fortunate travelers and loyal cultists. But beware—he’s not the only mothman stalking the wasteland . . .

That wraps up each of the commanders. Start the conversation with your community by sharing each commander card—which is their favorite? Encourage players to preorder early to pick up in-store and play right at launch!

Commander Launch Party Details

Your store's Commander Launch Party will serve as a celebration for all things Fallout® and call your players together to battle for survival in Commander games. Commander Launch Party can be run as one or multiple events on the weekend of March 8 – 10.

Each participating player must purchase a Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout® Commander deck and play in-store to earn the promo. Players can earn additional promos by buying and playing games with additional Commander decks in-store.

Scheduling for this release begins today, so don't delay—go to Wizards EventLink and get your Commander Launch Party on the books right now! While you're preparing your marketing plan, grab product shots and marketing materials from our marketing materials page to get your online stores prepared to take preorders.

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