Jul 28, 2023 — Universes Beyond: Doctor Who

Dates & Details for Universes Beyond: Doctor Who™

Check out the TARDIS Showcase treatment and the four Commanders—and their Companions—coming with the release.

Jul 28, 2023 — Universes Beyond: Doctor Who

Dates & Details for Universes Beyond: Doctor Who™

Check out the TARDIS Showcase treatment and the four Commanders—and their Companions—coming with the release.

This October, your players can join The Doctor, their companions, and iconic foes in epic battles with the release of Universes Beyond: Doctor Who™. The launch features four pre-constructed Commander Decks that celebrate 60 incredible years of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

Today we're walking through all the key dates and reveals so far to help guide your early marketing efforts for your community.

Universes Beyond: Doctor Who™ Key Dates

Distributor Selection Deadline: June 9

Scheduling Opens: July 28

Promo Kit Delivery: Beginning October 6

Release: October 13

Commander Launch Party: October 13 – 15

Commander Face Cards Revealed

The Universes Beyond: Doctor Who Commander Deck face cards were shown off at MagicCon Barcelona—each deck captures the fun of the show and memorable moments from throughout the series. You'll find updated product shots on our marketing materials page so you can show off the Commanders while advertising pre-orders.

Blast from the Past

  • Face card: The Fourth Doctor
  • Companion: Sarah Jane Smith

This Blast from the Past deck captures the earliest history of Doctor Who, covering the show from 1963 through 1989. It's packed with legendary creatures, objects, and story moments for your players to explore.


  • Face card: The Tenth Doctor
  • Companion: Rose Tyler

Allons-y! The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler take the stage in this Timey-Wimey deck built around temporal manipulation, featuring the Ninth and Eleventh Doctors, as well.

Paradox Power

  • Face card: The Thirteenth Doctor
  • Companion: Yasmin Khan

Paradox Power is a deck built around the unexpected—players may enjoy this deck if they have fun strategizing on casting cards outside of what's in their hand.

Masters of Evil

  • Face card: Davros, Dalek Creator
  • Alternate Commander: Missy

The Masters of Evil deck notably does not have a Companion—as these foes aren't best known for working together. Instead, players can enjoy the alternate Commander, Missy, to employ a different strategy while playing the deck.

Planechase in Every Deck

As The Doctor hops across space and time with their companions, so too can your players hop across planes. Each Universes Beyond: Doctor Who Commander Deck contains new Planechase cards for players to use in their games, featuring iconic locations in the Doctor Who franchise.

Bad Wolf Bay
The Doctor's Tomb

Bigger On the Inside: TARDIS Showcase

The TARDIS is more than just The Doctor's reliable mode of transport across the universe—she's as much of her own character as anyone else in the series. With her presence so integral, it was only right that she got a Showcase frame for the set.

Your players can find the TARDIS Showcase treatment versions of each Doctor in the set, plus other key allies and foes—additionally, serialized versions of each Doctor can be found in Collector Boosters, so be sure to guide interested players to pre-order to kickstart a universally awesome collection.

Commander Launch Party Details

The release of Universes Beyond: Doctor Who is supported by a Commander Launch Party, which runs from October 13 – 15. Invite your community into your store, pick up their favorite Commander Deck, and grab a table for some intergalactic battles in pods of four.

By purchasing one of the four Doctor Who Commander Decks and playing with them in-store, players can earn a promo. Players can purchase additional decks and play in additional games to receive additional copies of the promo card.

Find full event details on the event page and schedule your Doctor Who Commander Launch Party in Wizards EventLink today. The sooner you schedule, the more time you have to advertise your event to your players and boost overall attendance.

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