Feb 26, 2019

D&D News: More Alt Covers, Universal Release Date

Feb 26, 2019

D&D News: More Alt Covers, Universal Release Date

We're making two changes to our Dungeons & Dragons releases for 2019.

First, several D&D books released in 2019 will be available in hobby-exclusive, limited edition covers in addition to the standard cover. (An increase from the typical one per year.) Hobby retailers will also be able to order them in greater quantities.

Second, each D&D product will have a single release date for all channels.  

Limited edition covers have been a hit with retailers and fans alike, and we believe supply is falling beneath demand both in terms of frequency and volume. We'll test that hypothesis throughout 2019, starting with the release of Ghosts of Saltmarsh on May 21.

With alternate covers coming more often and in greater quantities, quality control is more important than ever. Shipping delays and printing issues are frustrating for fans, retailers, Wizards alike—especially where it concerns limited edition product.

To help reduce the risk of those issues, we're consolidating down to a single release date for each product. Ghosts of Saltmarsh will release on May 21 for all channels, including core hobby.

Staggered release dates have proven logistically unsustainable. Early releases force us into a rushed production timeline, which makes the product vulnerable to compromised quality and late delivery.

By consolidating to a single release date, we believe we can reduce those issues and deliver the high-quality products our fans expect.

These changes begin with the release of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure on May 21, which you can order in both standard and hobby-exclusive editions right now. Call your distributor today.

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