Sep 20, 2022

Your D&D Learn-to-Play Weekend Checklist

Make sure you've got all your materials prepared for your store's Learn-to-Play D&D event.

Sep 20, 2022

Your D&D Learn-to-Play Weekend Checklist

Make sure you've got all your materials prepared for your store's Learn-to-Play D&D event.

It's almost time for your players to begin their journey to Stormwreck Isle! D&D Learn-to-Play Events begin October 7, where you'll demo this new starter set experience for players curious about Dungeons & Dragons.

The Learn-to-Play Weekend runs October 7–9, and if those dates do not work for your community, you may schedule your Learn-to-Play event up through October 28. Prepare for your weekend of D&D fun using our guidelines below.

Review Your Kit Contents

Due to ongoing supply chain delays, D&D Learn-to-Play Weekend kits are not expected to arrive to stores in many regions until after October 7. We have extended event scheduling through October 28 to allow your store time to review kit contents and prepare for the event.

WPN stores in the U.S. and Canada will receive a D&D In-Store Play kit with the following contents:

  • 1 Learn-to-Play D&D Weekend poster

  • 1 Adventurers League poster

  • 1 organizer instruction sheet

  • 2 sets of encounter cards

  • 2 sets of DM's guides with full encounter details

  • 2 sets of 5 pre-generated characters

  • 20 Ad slicks for new player next steps

  • 20 Dice pouches—for Wizards Account users only

Other regions may include slight variations, as Dragons of Stormwreck Isle is available in multiple languages. For example, dice pouches were not provided to non-English regions.

The items in this kit will help you set up your demos, run the Learn-to-Play Weekend event, and lead your players to return to your store week-over-week for continuous adventure play. Keep your poster clearly visible to strike up conversations with customers throughout these weeks.

Set Up Your D&D Demo

You'll run your in-store D&D demo using the short adventure, "Voyage to Stormwreck Isle." Depending on the size of your group, you can expect this demo to take between 15 and 30 minutes to run, making it an exceptional introduction to D&D without a large time commitment from interested players.

If you notice a customer has an interest in being a Dungeon Master but isn't sure where to start, encourage them to run through the D&D demo experience with their friends at your store! That way, the Dungeon Master can turn to you or a staff member to ask questions as they learn the ropes.

Each demo experience can support a group of up to six total players—one Dungeon Master and five players. Groups can have fewer players, but we recommend having a minimum of three players and one Dungeon Master.

The best part of the demo experience is that it's evergreen—you can continue to use it beyond the Learn-to-Play event weekend to continue to spark new players' interest in the game.

Stock Your Shelves with D&D Products

As you prepare to draw more D&D players into your store, you'll want to make sure you have products relevant to their interests stocked and displayed on your shelves. That way, when players are done running through your demo, they can pick up the tools they need to continue their adventure at home.

You may consider showcasing Campaign Case: Terrain and Campaign Case: Creatures to aspiring Dungeon Masters who want to build a more immersive battlefield for their players!

Encourage customers to pair additional purchases with their own copy of Dragons of Stormwreck Isle so they can continue running their adventure with friends at weekly D&D Adventure Play in your store.

Run Learn-to-Play Weekend

Using the encounter cards, DM guides, and pre-generated characters, you can set up player groups to run D&D demos regularly throughout Learn-to-Play D&D weekend. If you have player groups who are eager for more, encourage them to run the full encounter "Welcome to Dragon's Reach." This is a 60-to-90-minute full encounter that introduces the first encounter of Dragons to Stormwreck Isle.

Whether you're acting as the Dungeon Master yourself, have staff who have volunteered, or are helping customers take their first foray into running a game, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Make sure DMs have all the materials they need.

  • Collect the ready-to-play character cards at the end of the game so you can reuse them.

  • Hand out the ad slicks with player next steps to all participants.

  • Make sure you have copies of the D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle for purchase.

Over the course of the Learn-to-Play weekend, you should encourage as many interested groups as you can to pick up their own copy of Dragons of Stormwreck Isle to bring back with them and play with their groups on a weekly basis.

Host Weekly D&D Play In-Store

The D&D Learn-to-Play Weekend transitions into a weekly Adventure Play, starting from October 10 and running through November 20. The back of the organizer instructions sheet contains information for how to split Dragons of Stormwreck Isle into four, two-hour play sessions; you'll also receive this information via email.

During weekly play events, take the opportunity to make additional sales. You may try striking up a conversation with your players, learning more about what they're enjoying from the adventure. Based on their interests, you can make recommendations for other adventures or campaign settings they might want to try next.

Your D&D event attendance will not contribute to your WPN store metrics (Tickets or Engaged Players) or toward future Magic promo or product allocation quantities: however, you should still report your events in Wizards EventLink! We may use your attendance to measure the event's success and to plan future support for D&D programs.

You can schedule all your in-store D&D events in Wizards EventLink, allowing players to easily see what you have planned when they use the Store & Event Locator. Adventures begin in two short weeks—make sure you have all your events scheduled today.

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