Sep 28, 2021

EventLink Release Notes: August 31, 2021

Sep 28, 2021

EventLink Release Notes: August 31, 2021

Release Notes – August 31, 2021

By Bill Stark

Our final scheduled release before we freeze the codebase to prepare for Innistrad Midnight Hunt is here! This is what we’ve added to EventLink and Companion in time for your next Prerelease.

Player Registration Improvements

Player registration benefited from several upgrades. When registering players, your mouse cursor will now automatically return to the entry field. For example, when you’re adding a Wizards Account user (after entering “” and pressing “Enter”) your mouse will automatically return to the “Add Email” field allowing you to add the next player with ease. Guest account entry will also return to the “First Name” field.

We’ve also added sorting options to the name fields on the registration screen. When you register players for the first time after our latest release, you’ll see this prompt:

Player registration lists are now sortable by first name, last name, or in the case of digital events, by display name. Here’s a regular Standard Wizards event:

Here’s what it looks like after clicking the “Last Name” header and sorting by players’ last names:

If you’d like to “undo” the sort, simply click the “Reset Sort” button and your players will display in the order in which they were added to the event.

Outstanding Results

A new filter allows you to search for specific players or view only the matches that have not reported results yet during a round. Here’s what the search filter looks like:

As you can see, two match scores have been added with one outstanding result that has not yet been entered. By clicking the check box at the top of the screen you can filter the results to show just the single match that hasn’t reported yet:

Companion App Updates

The Magic Companion app saw a major improvement to how users look up Magic cards by set in the card database. Instead of typing out an expansion code, users can now quickly filter by set or code and select from the list of options. Here’s what it looks like:


Here are the latest bugs squashed in EventLink and Companion.

  • An additional fix to stop reports of users being logged out of EventLink frequently was delivered. If you are logged out of EventLink unexpectedly or in a way that disrupts your ability to use the website, file a bug report using the “Submit feedback” option for further investigation.

  • Users who paused the event timer after standings had been generated for the previous round sometimes experienced an issue progressing to the next round. That issue has been resolved.

  • Some players reported receiving a “Null/Null” player name in the Magic Companion app when joining events. That bug has been fixed in Companion. If you have players receiving errors about the issue, please instruct them to update to the latest version of the Companion app.

  • Apostrophe searches for cards in Companion’s card database were not working on iOS devices but now are.

  • A bug that caused player names to rotate too quickly in large events in EventLink Mirror was corrected.

Up Next

The devs are currently working on our last two big swings for 2021: even faster player registration and adding the Two-Headed Giant format. We’re also continuing to deliver mobile designs for EventLink to improve appearance and performance on all screen sizes. Finally, we continue to grow our feature list and bugs to target based on the feedback you submit, which you can do directly in EventLink.

Keep that feedback coming!

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