Feb 15, 2023 — Events, Dungeons & Dragons, New Player Acquisition, Featured

Expand Your Community with Learn-to-Play D&D

Introduce your customers to the world's greatest roleplaying game to encourage sales and repeat in-store play.

Feb 15, 2023 — Events, Dungeons & Dragons, New Player Acquisition, Featured

Expand Your Community with Learn-to-Play D&D

Introduce your customers to the world's greatest roleplaying game to encourage sales and repeat in-store play.

The upcoming movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves may bring a wave of curious customers to your store: customers who have never played D&D before but want to learn how after seeing the amazing adventure from the film.

For these players, running a D&D demo can be the first step toward turning them into lifelong fans of the roleplaying game. The latest Learn-to-Play D&D event running April 7 – 9 gives you the opportunity to schedule demo events right after the release of the movie, pulling in all sorts of players to try D&D at your store.

Return of Learn-to-Play D&D: Your Adventure Begins!

To support the onboarding of new D&D players in your store, we'll be sending you a D&D Learn-to-Play Event kit! Physical kits are available in English only, and will be sent to English-speaking stores in North America and some areas of Asia-Pacific.

The English-speaking stores in these regions can use their physical kits to run D&D Learn-to-Play events from April 7 – 9. Stores in Europe and stores supporting languages other than English in Latin America can access the digital version of the kit, download it, and print the materials to run the event at their stores when it's most convenient for you.

What's in the D&D Learn-to-Play Kit

Ahead of the event, be sure you have a Dungeon Master lined up to run demos and adventures. Sending the adventure materials to your selected Dungeon Masters ahead of time will make the process run smoothly during the event itself.

Your D&D kit will include:

  • 1 Organizer Instruction Sheet

  • 2 D&D Quick Reference Sheets

  • 2 D&D Demo Encounter Sheets

  • 2 packs of 5 ready-to-play D&D Character Cards

  • 1 poster (18 x 24")

Hosting new player-focused events on a regular basis is one of the greatest ways to expand your overall player base. Running a successful D&D demo using the D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle can show players how much fun it can be to step away from their day-to-day and into the shoes of a character in a fantasy realm.

Connect Advanced Adventurers to "Prisoner 13"

Some of your players will want to jump into more advanced gameplay after hearing they can play Dungeons & Dragons in your store. In this case, you can guide them to log into D&D Beyond, where they can claim a download of the 4th-level adventure called “Prisoner 13” from Keys from the Golden Vault. The adventure is ideal for those in your community who are after a longer playing session that dives into a deeper story.

For players coming to your store to experience the “Prisoner 13” adventure, be sure they have a 4th level character on-hand or enough time to create one.

Drive Sales for Keys from the Golden Vault

Keys from the Golden Vault releases February 21, and is a collection of thirteen adventures spanning levels 1 to 11, each focused on a single heist. Encourage interested players to pre-order a copy of Keys from the Golden Vault for an engaging, fresh experience pursuing grand treasures for the Golden Vault organization.

One great feature of adventure books such as Keys from the Golden Vault is their modularity—players can choose to run each adventure as a one-shot story or connect them into a greater campaign. They can be played in any setting, opening up creative possibilities for your community.

While you're hosting D&D events at your store, this is a prime opportunity to present players with a continuous theme to keep them coming back for the next part of the story. You can even add more players to the campaign mid-story if your adventures spark even more interest in the community.

Bringing new players into your store to experience Dungeons & Dragons can unlock new opportunities for you: the key is in maintaining a welcoming environment where players feel comfortable learning, asking questions, and having fun. You can start scheduling your new player-friendly D&D events in Wizards EventLink today.

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