Jul 3, 2018

Here's The Other Half of Your M19 Kit

If you're only using the kit that comes in the mail, you're only using half of what we've got to offer. Get the other half here.

Jul 3, 2018

Here's The Other Half of Your M19 Kit

If you're only using the kit that comes in the mail, you're only using half of what we've got to offer. Get the other half here.

For each major Magic release, we put together two marketing kits for retailers. One comes in the mail. The other is right here—a whole suite of digital assets, produced by Wizards' designers specifically for WPN members. If you're only using the former, you're only using half your kit.

For Core Set 2019, the digital kit focuses on the set's major efforts: the Prerelease Early Sale promotion, the reimagined Planeswalker Decks, and new player acquisition. Download the assets below to give those efforts their best chance of success in your store.

Prerelease Early Sale Promotion

Use these assets online and in your store to help sell through that advance product: preorder a box of Core Set 2019, pick it up at Prerelease, and get a Standard-legal rare not found in boosters.

Start driving preorders at your events right away with these table talkers, which prominently feature Nexus of Fate—the latest Buy-a-Box promo and a serious Commander contender.

Just download it here, print, cut, fold, and display.

When you fight for attention on social media, you've got some pretty tough competition. Good imagery helps. Try this ad, accompanied by the shortest possible preorder instruction.

Click here to download it, plus a package of additional social media resources.

We've also got web banners, table numbers, posters, plus an image of the card itself to help you get the word out. Get it all on our marketing materials page.

Planeswalker Deck Resources

The return of core sets was the perfect time for R&D to double down on Planeswalker Decks—the perfect acquisition product for the perfect acquisition set.

The result was five new decks with five new Planeswalkers and better approachability, better play, and smoother pathing. Until you hear otherwise, these are your go-to acquisition product.

Use these materials to help.

The first chance to send players home with M19 comes at Open House on June 30, when you can send first-timers home with a Planeswalker Deck—a supercharged upgrade of the deck they get for coming.

These table tents were mostly made to help you start that first purchase conversation. Download them here.

This .gif is more for existing players—to show off the five new planeswalkers not found anywhere else.

Download it here. To use on Facebook or Twitter, just drag and drop the file into your status field. Usage for other platforms will vary.

New Player Acquisition

Ever ring up groceries yourself, even when there's an open line? Think of these invitations as the self-checkout—a way for players to preregister without saying a word.

Download them below, print them, and fill out the left side with your store's information. Then put them in the info holder that came with your M19 marketing kit. Players can fill out the right side to RSVP.

Prerelease Invitation

Magic Open House Invitation

League Invitation

These are the highlights, but we've got so much more. Head over to our marketing materials page for more table numbers, flyers, posters, a loyalty card—everything you need to make Core Set 2019 a success in your store.

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