Aug 29, 2022 — Dominaria United, Events, Casual Play

How to Plan a Jumpstart Prerelease Event

Define your audience for Jumpstart Prerelease and leverage tools to ensure you get as many event sign-ups as possible.

Aug 29, 2022 — Dominaria United, Events, Casual Play

How to Plan a Jumpstart Prerelease Event

Define your audience for Jumpstart Prerelease and leverage tools to ensure you get as many event sign-ups as possible.

Dominaria United Prerelease kicks off this Friday—and with it comes a new play experience for your community: Jumpstart Prerelease! At your Jumpstart Prerelease event, you'll give players two Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters, and they'll open the packs, shuffle the cards, and play.

You will be allocated enough Set Booster prize support to provide one Set Booster to each Jumpstart Prerelease participant. We recommend providing these prize packs to players up front for participation.

Each Dominaria United Jumpstart Booster contains one of 10 possible themes; plus, they're each compatible with all other Jumpstart products, setting your players up for wild gameplay combinations. As you prepare to host your Jumpstart Prerelease for Dominaria United, keep in mind these best practices to help build the hype for your community.

Define Your Player Base

Understanding what your community looks like will be key to how you integrate set Jumpstart into your store's events. While Jumpstart may be most obvious to advertise to new players, if you have a large community of long-time enfranchised Magic fans, you can sell Dominaria United Jumpstart to play a quick game while waiting between rounds of an event.

We encourage you to schedule your Jumpstart Prerelease using the Player-List Only pairing method; this will allow players to find casual matches at their leisure between rounds or events at your store.

Set Jumpstart is unique in that it will be compatible with all future set Jumpstart releases—meaning this fall, your players may be able to pick up a Dominaria United Jumpstart Booster and mix it with a Jumpstart Booster from The Brothers' War, opening the door to new unexpected gameplay combinations.

Leverage New Player Tools as Incentives

When trying to bring new players to your store, share other new player tools in addition to Dominaria United Jumpstart, such as Welcome Boosters or Bring-a-Friend promos. Use these incentives to encourage your most engaged players to bring their friends in to help them learn to play Magic in a welcoming environment.

As a reminder, due to production issues, Bring-a-Friend promos are delayed. Your next supply of Bring-a-Friend promos will be with your The Brothers’ War promo shipment later this fall. You will receive additional shipments of Bring-a-Friend promos ahead of each subsequent Standard release through 2023.

Advertise for the Event with Marketing Materials

The best thing you can do once you've determined your target audience and planned your event is to advertise. Post about your Jumpstart Prerelease regularly on all social media channels you use and be sure to take full advantage of the marketing materials available to help set up your posts even faster.

DMU Jumpstart Prerelease social media asset

If you haven't scheduled your Dominaria United Jumpstart Prerelease events, there's still time—but you have to act fast. The event kicks off this Friday, September 2, so jump over to Wizards EventLink today to be sure you have a Jumpstart Prerelease scheduled for your community!

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