Aug 1, 2014

How to Recruit Dungeon Masters

Aug 1, 2014

How to Recruit Dungeon Masters

Are you in need of a Dungeon Master to run your Dungeon & Dragons Encounters?

Try one or all of these ideas!

1. Host a Dungeon Master Training Class

Many players may be interested in becoming a Dungeon Master but aren't sure where to start.

Provide them with a jumping-off point by hosting a DM training class!

All you need is one willing and experienced DM to walk your participants through the basics.

Promote your class with flyers at the library, the local bookstore, community college creative writing classes or other places where you might find aspiring storytellers interested in giving DMing a try.

2. Ask Magic Judges and Tournament Organizers

Magic judges and tournament organizers already have many of the skills and qualities that make a great Dungeon Master.

Tap into your local judge network and see if anyone is interested in DMing!

3. Reach out to Players of Other Games

Look for players who have the right talents for DMing, even if they aren't actively playing RPGs.

These could be players who commonly set up games with friends, read the rules, and teach others how to play.

4. Use Social Media and Group Sites

Do a search on Facebook,, or other sites to see if there’s a group of D&D players active in your area.

Many of them would love to hear about DMing opportunities in your store, and might even bring a friend or two along as well!

5. Provide Tailored Incentives

Many DMs may be happy with receiving Dungeon & Dragons products and accessories but some may also enjoy Magic product or even store credit! 

6. Recruit Your Customers!

Have you noticed a regular customer who commonly plays or purchases RPG games and accessories? Ask if they would be interested in Dungeon Mastering at your store!

If you have had success with any of these tips or through other means, send us your story!

*D&D products and this article are available in English only.

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