Apr 14, 2016

How This Store Rocketed to Adv Plus

By creating an atmosphere where every customer feels at home

Apr 14, 2016

How This Store Rocketed to Adv Plus

By creating an atmosphere where every customer feels at home

What makes a successful WPN store? Diogo Varela asked himself exactly this question, when he and his wife Susana decided to open Versus Gamecenter Lisboa (formerly known as Armageddon Lisboa).

Diogo had already visited a lot of different stores as a player and he had a pretty good idea about what his customers would expect.

Players need to feel valued. They invest a lot of time and are passionate about their hobby so they deserve a place where they are always welcome and among friends.

Excellent customer service, a wide range of events for all different kinds of players and a clean, safe and comfortable environment are the keystones of this concept.

Building on this, Diogo and Susana created a unique kind of atmosphere, where every customer can feel at home.

Competitive Play Not Just on Weekends

Competitive players can choose between a great mix of different events with an interesting prize structure, not only on weekends, but also during the week.

Events for Beginners

New players enjoy beginner drafts and FNMs that are welcoming to those with less experience.

Rewards for Regulars

They started a monthly league, where each player accumulates points based on the Planeswalker Points he earns by playing in store events. The winner is eligible for a full month of free events!

Welcoming Women and Kids

Even though Susana kept her day job, she's always in the store in the evenings and on the weekends. Having her behind the desk and as a regular Commander player has helped a great deal in making it more comfortable for younger players and women to come to the store to play.

Also parents feel much more at ease to leave their kids in a mixed environment.

Based on some very easy principles Versus Gamecenter Lisboa developed in warp speed in only a couple of months and is now a successful WPN Advanced Plus store.

We're doing what we love, and when people are in love . . . wonderful things can be achieved!
Store Stats–Versus Gamecenter Lisboa
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal (Population 550,000)
  • WPN Level: Advanced Plus
  • Age:1 year
  • Website:www.versusgamecenter.pt

By Mario Nagels

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