Feb 27, 2020 — Jumpstart

Introducing Jumpstart: A New Way to Play Magic

Jumpstart is an innovative play experience that draws on the best parts of limited and constructed Magic.

Feb 27, 2020 — Jumpstart

Introducing Jumpstart: A New Way to Play Magic

Jumpstart is an innovative play experience that draws on the best parts of limited and constructed Magic.

The last year has given us new types of boosters to open (Collector Boosters, Theme Boosters), new gorgeous card treatments to beautify binders (showcase frames, borderless planeswalkers), and, come this June, it'll give us an entirely new way to play: Jumpstart.

Jumpstart takes the best parts of limited and constructed Magic and fuses them into a dynamic, innovative play experience. And WPN members can be among the very first to deliver it—Jumpstart Prerelease is available in Wizards Event Reporter right now. (Certain regions only. Contact your local office for more information.)

Let's dive in.

Jumpstart is a new kind of play experience inside a new kind of booster pack.

At its foundation, Jumpstart is simple. Grab two boosters, shuffle them together, and you’re ready to go. But a closer look reveals a rich, intricate play experience unlike anything in Magic.

It works like this. Each Jumpstart booster includes 20 cards. All 20 cards fit a theme, and most themes have multiple variations—enough to make 121 possible 20-card lists inside any given pack.

Themes range from the familiar ("Garruk") to the curious ("Doctor"), and two themes sometimes come together to form an unlikely mishmash ("Doctor Garruk"). And certain, extra-special "Mythic Rare" packs don't have variations at all—just the one card list.

Jumpstart: Key Features

  1. Some of the basic lands show off magnificent art, printed here for the first time.
  2. One in three boosters includes an extra rare.
  3. It's loaded with reprints—almost 500 of them.
  4. Jumpstart introduces 37 cards to the game.
  5. It's closely tied to Core Set 2021—they share a lot of content—but Jumpstart is a stand-alone product.
  6. All cards are legal in Eternal formats (Legacy, Vintage, Commander)

The first chance for players to get their hands on Jumpstart comes at Prerelease on June 20–21—including advance booster boxes during the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion.

Log into WER now and schedule Jumpstart Prerelease for June 20–21.

It's a great way to get players in for their first in-store Magic experience, and maybe even put them on the path to their second. (It's the weekend before Core Set 2021 Prerelease—and a lot of Jumpstart's cards also appear in M21.)

It'll be slightly different than a traditional Prerelease. Here's the breakdown.

Run an all-day "Player List Only" event. Issue players two Jumpstart boosters to create their deck. Hand out match slips (we've got some you can download here) and allow them to play against any opponent that they choose. Once they've played enough matches to fill their slip, issue them the promo card. (Also: there's a promo card!)

Players can keep battling after they’ve finished their matches to help others complete their cards, or they can enter the event again to get two more Jumpstart boosters and earn another promo.

The Prerelease Early Sale Promotion works slightly different, too: you’ll be eligible to purchase a single allocation for event, PESP, and prizes. Apportion them as you see fit. Plus, you'll be able to buy Planeswalker Decks and sell them at the Jumpstart Prerelease, too.

Jumpstart Prerelease is live on WER now—schedule yours today.

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