Aug 25, 2020 — EventLink

Introducing Wizards Eventlink

Organize remote Magic events with the new event management tool—we're launching the alpha test ahead of schedule to help you keep your community connected.

Aug 25, 2020 — EventLink

Introducing Wizards Eventlink

Organize remote Magic events with the new event management tool—we're launching the alpha test ahead of schedule to help you keep your community connected.

At Wizards, our mission is to bring people together through games. And even in a world where being "together" means something different than what we're used to, we're as committed to that mission as ever, and we know WPN members are, too. Today we're launching a new tool that we hope will help.

As you know, we announced a new event management tool last year, with plans to roll it out widely this summer. But a new and immediate need has emerged to organize remote Magic events, and we hope Wizards Eventlink* will help you do it. The alpha version is now available at

Here's how to start using it, and a how it pairs with Magic: The Gathering Companion to help you organize remote play, whether that's via webcam or Magic Arena.

Please keep in mind that Eventlink is in the alpha testing phase, and that Companion is in beta, and widely available only on Android devices at the moment. (Wide iOS availability is coming soon.) If you have feedback, we'd love for you to send it here.

You can get a more in-depth walkthrough here, but in the meantime, here's what you need to know:

How to Log In Step 1: Create a Wizards Account

Eventlink uses different log in credentials than Wizards Event Reporter. It uses your Wizards Account, which will be the all-in-one account for all things Wizards going forward.

Here's how to get one, if you haven't already.

  1. Head to

  2. Choose "Register."

  3. Follow the prompts to validate your account.

How to Log In Step 2: Tie Your Wizards Account Information to Your Store

Next, we need to "connect" your Wizards Account to your store, so that we can tell Eventlink whose information to show you when you log in.

Here's how.

  1. Head to this Retail Support form.

  2. Log in with your Organized Play Account (not the account you just made). This is the account you normally use to contact Retail Support and log into Wizards Event Reporter.

  3. Submit your Wizards Account information.

After you've submitted the form, we'll take care of the rest. (Please allow up to forty-eight hours.) Once you've got a Wizards Account, and you've connected it to your store, you're ready to get started.

How to Organize Remote Events

With Eventlink, you can do everything you would ordinarily do—pair players, report results—remotely, by sharing an event code with your community. For the best experience, your players will want a Wizards Account, and your players with Android devices can particpate using the Magic: The Gathering Companion app on their phones. (iOS will be widely available soon.)

(Please note that only face-to-face, in-store events will count toward your store's metrics—once metrics are "unfrozen," that is.)

Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule your event in Eventlink. Just fill out each field, and indicate the type of digital event you are hosting (for Arena events, we recommend "Remote Magic Arena Direct Challenge Event) in the "Title" field.

  2. Copy the Event code. Click on the event in the calendar view, then click "Open Event." It'll be the six-character code in the top right.

  3. Share the event code via an online community hub, like Discord or Facebook. If don't have one already, we're partnered with Discord to help you create a Discord server in a single click. See how here.

  4. Players can use Magic: The Gathering Companion to join the the event by entering the event code into their app. They can use the app to create their Wizards Account

  5. For players not using Companion, enroll them in the event with their Wizards Account email address. If they don't have a Wizards Account, you can enroll them as a guest. (Note that for events using Magic Arena, a Wizards Account is not optional.)

Run the event in Wizards Eventlink, use social media to announce pairings, end of round warnings, and so on. If players are using Companion, their app will notify them who they are paired with, and they can report results in the app. Without Companion, you can enter them manually.

Once you end the event, it’s reported! No uploading necessary.

Eventlink Livestream With Product Mangaer Bill Stark, Wednesday 11AM PST

We hope the above will get you started using Eventlink, but we also suggest you join Eventlink product manager Bill Stark for a deeper dive into the tool. You can RSVP for the event on Facebook here.

In a world that's anything but normal, we're striving to maintain some normalcy for WPN members and for the community that is so important to so many of us right now. Now more than ever, our goal is to keep players and local game stores connected. We hope Eventlink helps.

*This name and this URL are both subject to change.

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