Jul 29, 2017

Make the Most of Welcome Decks

Welcome Decks are a great tool for recruiting new players but are you using them to maximum effect?

Jul 29, 2017

Make the Most of Welcome Decks

Welcome Decks are a great tool for recruiting new players but are you using them to maximum effect?

Welcome Decks are an invaluable tool for teaching new players how to play Magic: The Gathering.

They act as the frontline offense to recruiting new players into your store but are you using them to maximum effect?

Here are a few tips to get the most out of Welcome Decks when you're running demos in your store or at the upcoming Magic Open House.

1. Use the Quick Reference Rules

A Quick Reference Rules card is included in every Welcome Deck. You can use this to help guide your demo and explain the basic rules to the game so that new players can jump in and start playing at your store right away.

2. Define the Colors

Set the player up for a successful experience by finding out what color they have the most interest in playing. Share a bit about the colors to help the player decide.

  • White focuses on protection and teamwork. Take advantage of lots of small creatures that will work well together.
  • Blue centers on intelligence and deception. Trick your opponent into a false sense of security.
  • Black seeks power and domination at any cost. Lose life or creatures to gain a bonus effect.
  • Red is aggressive and destructive. Wreck havoc with Damage spells and creatures that want to attack.
  • Green embraces nature and growth. Leverage powerful creatures and life gain.

3. Hype the Rare Card

Each 30-card deck contains one rare card. These cards are generally strong and exciting to play. Find the rare card and relay that excitement to the player and help them understand why it is exciting.

4. Combine Decks

Welcome Decks come with two ready-to-play 30-card decks. They can be combined into one 60-card deck to be used in a Standard event like at Friday Night Magic or Magic Open House.

Share these tips and invite the new player to join in an event to test out their deck, meet the friendly community, and see other Standard decks.

5. Advertise Your Store

If you’re attending a community event or convention, put a sticker on your Welcome Decks with your store details and an invitation to attend your store's next "Learn to Play" session.

Dizzy Dugout in Collinsville, Illinois has handed out Welcome Decks to trick-or-treaters during their city's "Halloween Walk."

6. Order More at No-Charge

Keep your store well-stocked with Welcome Decks.

If you've signed up for Magic Open House in Wizards Event Reporter, you will receive 20 Welcome Decks as a part of your kit.

If you run out or you need more for an event or convention, contact retail support to order more at no-charge!

By Jordan Comar

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