Oct 11, 2018

Make Ravnica Weekend a Win

Ravnica Weekend is fast approaching—make sure you’re prepared with these three tips.

Oct 11, 2018

Make Ravnica Weekend a Win

Ravnica Weekend is fast approaching—make sure you’re prepared with these three tips.

Ravnica Weekend is a great opportunity for your store to maintain Guilds of Ravnica hype during the mid-season. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this video breakdown of the event.

In the meantime, here’s a few tips for running Ravnica Weekend in your store:


Secure DMs Ahead of Time


Ravnica Weekend will bring a unique in-store D&D event opportunity for 5th Edition.

Keep an eye on your inbox for Krenko’s Way—it’s the introduction adventure for Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. You’ll run this in tandem with your Magic events during Ravnica Weekend.

That means you’ll need a DM (or DMs) lined up for your event. Reach out ahead of time to see if anyone in your D&D crowd would like to DM the intro adventure. Consider taking preregistration for your D&D events so you can keep session sizes manageable.

While all participating WPN member stores will receive the preview adventure, the availability of Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica varies by region.


Empower Players Invest in their Guild


Guild identity is a pivotal part of the Ravnica experience. Some players will already be devoted in their guild allegiance. Others may not know theirs yet.

You can direct players to the Ravnica guild personality quiz here.

Once the player knows the guild that suits them best, they can stand with their guild and hop into the Ravnica Weekend festivities. To start, issue them a Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit to use in a casual Guild Kit battle.

You should also get in touch with your distributor to stock up on other Ravnica-themed products—like the Guilds of Ravnica Theme Boosters. And make sure you’re stocked up on booster boxes for firing your 4-pack drafts.


Spice Up Your Play Space


Take this opportunity to put prepare your space like you would for a Prerelease. Keep the Prerelease guild banners, and make sure your Ravnica Weekend poster is displayed. Put your standee near the front of your store where it’ll be most visible.

And don’t forget about the downloadable marketing assets. Use these to further enhance your stores’ Ravnica appearance and broadcast your events online.

Ravnica Weekend provides a mid-season opportunity for both long-time Ravnica enthusiasts, and players who are new to Ravnica. Don’t get caught in the mid-season lull. Make sure you’re ready to provide the full Ravnica experience for your community.

Questions about the upcoming event? Get in touch with our Retail Support team.

By Nataly Scheidt

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