Feb 8, 2024 — Murders at Karlov Manor

Marketing Ravnica: Cluedo Edition to Players

Share the details about this Cluedo-inspired twist on Magic to spark interest in your Launch Party event.

Feb 8, 2024 — Murders at Karlov Manor

Marketing Ravnica: Cluedo Edition to Players

Share the details about this Cluedo-inspired twist on Magic to spark interest in your Launch Party event.

Ravnica: Cluedo Edition releases February 23, accompanied by an epic Launch Party celebration event. This Cluedo-inspired Magic product is an opportunity for you to bring Cluedo fans into your store to try out Magic: The Gathering for the weekend events.

Let's dive right in and discuss cross-promotion tips, how to run your Launch Party, and the promo for players who participate.

Share the How-To-Play Video to Educate Players

To get your players started with Ravnica: Cluedo Edition, go to our Marketing Materials page to download our how-to-play video.

The video explains exactly how to set up the board and jump into gameplay and shows off some of the gorgeous Ravnica-themed cards your players can open in their packs.

Wondering what a full game looks like? On Weekly MTG, Blake Rasmussen, Mike Turian, Reggie Valk, and Diana DiMicco shuffle their packs together and play!

Cross-Promoting to Cluedo Fans

Cluedo is a timeless family board game experience: players love the iconic characters, immersive setting, and spontaneous weapons, all spun together in a mystery that takes strategy and deduction to solve.

What makes Cluedo wonderful is the ability for players to take the role of detective and suspect at the same time. Ravnica: Cluedo Edition blends familiar characters and the dramatic, accusatory "who, where, how" formula with the mechanics of Magic: The Gathering to make a compelling new way to experience both games.

For many fans, Cluedo was a gateway board game, allowing them to step into the vast world of board games with increasingly complex worlds and strategy. Ravnica: Cluedo Edition may be a gateway for Cluedo fans into the Magic world, so encourage them (and their families and friends) to give it a try.

Additionally, if your store runs a regular board game night, you may find it fun to introduce Ravnica: Cluedo Edition as an option for players to pick up and play—otherwise, they may enjoy the Launch Party.

If your players need further convincing, send them to IGN's comprehensive product review for an in-depth look at gameplay and how fun the play experience is.

Gather Cluedo Fans at Your Launch Party Event

Once you capture the attention of Cluedo fans, your next step is to make sure they've registered for your Launch Party. You can use the downloadable social media image to advertise your event across all your channels.

Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Launch Party social media image 1920x1000

Ravnica: Cluedo Edition is meant to be played in groups of four—so players will purchase a copy, gather three friends, and step into the roles of suspects in the murder case. They'll use evidence to determine the killer, the scene of the crime, and the weapon in this Cluedo-inspired spin on Magic: The Gathering.

There are two ways to win: be the first to solve the mystery or be the last suspect standing.

To play, each group will open two Ravnica: Cluedo Edition booster packs, shuffle them together, and play. This product has endless replayability—to start up a new game, players can keep their own decks together, reshuffle the Evidence cards, and get back to sleuthing!

Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Launch Party Promo

For the Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Launch Party event, you received promos to use to support groups of four who purchase and play with a copy of Ravnica: Cluedo Edition in your store: Lavinia, Foil to Conspiracy.

Players will play Ravnica: Cluedo Edition out of the box, and each player will take home cards from their deck as well as Cluedo-inspired cards dealt to them from the start of the game.

The winner of the group of four will take home any remaining cards as their prize, including the traditional foil Shock Land Box Topper and all remaining Cluedo-inspired cards (including other components in the product that were not dealt to other players).

If you don't have your Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Launch Party scheduled, don't delay—having it scheduled early will make it easier for curious players to know that you're running the event. Be sure to share the gameplay video to help players understand exactly how to play and attract them to your event.

Get your event on the books in Wizards EventLink, download the social media image, and start spreading the word: murder is afoot!

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