May 31, 2019

Modern Horizons Previews: The Short Version

Give us three minutes and we'll give you all the info you need about what's in the set.

May 31, 2019

Modern Horizons Previews: The Short Version

Give us three minutes and we'll give you all the info you need about what's in the set.

If you've been waiting to see Modern Horizons previews before making your preorder decisions, now's the time. Previews have just about wrapped up, and we think the content is worth the wait.

Here's the short version of the set's most important cards.

1. Brand-New Modern Hopefuls

Before we get any further, a quick reminder of what Modern Horizons is all about, and why we think it's going to be one of the best and most beloved sets in Magic history.

Modern Horizons is the first Magic set designed specifically for the Modern format. It's a mix of new cards (about 200) and reprints (about 40), all of which become legal in Modern for the first time, without becoming legal in Standard.

Note that it's mostly new cards. So, closer to Battlebond than a Masters set, but higher impact that either one: it's about to give Modern players almost 250 new tools, and many of them are real contenders.

This new(ish) land cycle is maybe the most notable example. If you're familiar with Horizon Canopy, you don't need any further explanation. If you're not, just know that it's one of Modern's most-played lands, and this new cycle does the same thing but for different color pairs. Very likely to see play.

There's also a new "pitch" cycle that may remind you, perhaps with some discomfort, of Magic’s most notorious counterspell, Force of Will.


2. Reprints with Potential


In Modern, players build decks with cards printed between Eighth Edition and now, provided those cards were once legal in Standard. Modern Horizons takes a few key cards from before Eighth Edition and makes them Modern eligible for the first time.

Because the set is mostly new cards, new cards are more likely to make a splash than the reprints. But plenty of pre-Modern spells are candidates, too.

Like Eladamri's Call. Powerful, undercosted effects like these are always worth keeping an eye on.

3. Classic Characters Get Their First Cards

Short version of the story here: Urza and Yawgmoth stood on opposite sides of a millennia-spanning multiplanar conflict between (mostly) Phyrexia and Dominaria, and and they're probably the two most powerful figures in the Magic canon. You are looking at their first appearance as cards.*

Plenty of other iconic figures make their debut in Modern Horizons—Serra, Sisay, Pashalik Mons. In fact, the set is full of callbacks to, variations of, and even puns on beloved cards and characters from Magic history. It's a huge part of the appeal of the draft experience, which is bound to delight long-time fans.

So get some drafts on the calendar and make sure you've got the product to run them. And as a bonus, we're sending out a promotional playmat to stores that report thirty-two Tickets in their Drafts between June 14–16.

*Technically, Urza appeared in Unstable.

4. Full-art Snow-Covered Lands (There's 1 In Every Pack)

Snow lands have niche uses across Modern and Commander, and you don’t put just one of them in your deck. Players will want these.

Another key selling point of the draft experience: there's a full-art Snow-Covered Land in every pack (yes, there are foils), and a handful of "snow matters" cards.

Like Dead of Winter:

5. The Buy-a-Box Promo: Flusterstorm

Flusterstorm is one of Magic’s best counterspells, it's about to become legal in Modern, and it does not appear in Modern Horizons booster packs.

WPN members can give out one Flusterstorm with each full display of Modern Horizons they sell, starting with the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion on June 8. (June 10–13 remain blackout dates—no sales until launch. Only in-store purchases are eligible.).

Early Sale allocations are based on your store level (24, 48, and 72 for Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus.) If you haven't already, call your preferred distributor for your full allocation.

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