Sep 19, 2014

New Ways to Grow Your Kaijudo Community

Sep 19, 2014

New Ways to Grow Your Kaijudo Community

We’re offering brand-new promotional items to help you introduce your players to Kaijudo!

No-Charge Sample Decks for Demos

Teaching Kaijudo to players who are new to trading card games (TCGs) is easy using these five Civilization-themed decks. Give new TCG players a quick demo from any of the five decks featured, and then let the player pick out a second deck to try out against a friend! There’s a learn-to-play guide inside each deck to get them dueling right away.

No-Charge Tournament-Ready Duel Day Decks 

Kaijudo has just released a tournament-ready deck that brings players who are already familiar with competing in other trading card games into your play programs for Kaijudo. This deck can compete right out of the box at any Kaijudo Duel Day event to encourage players who may be interested in expanding their play experience to Kaijudo. Put these decks in the hands of players that you feel will thrive in Kaijudo’s competitive environment and awesome Duel Day community.

Order Your No-Charge Decks Now!

These exciting new decks are available at no charge through your Wizards of the Coast Authorized Distributor and through our Retail Support Team (800-324-6496, 7 days a week, 7am-7pm Pacific Time).

These products are available in the US and Canada only. Decks are made available subject to certain restrictions. Wizards may substitute or remove any item, or cancel this promotion, without notice at any time at its sole discretion. These decks are available while supplies last and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.


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