Feb 1, 2018

Next Week's DOM Allocations: 4 Things to Know

Dominaria Prerelease allocation numbers will hit your inbox next week. Here's what you need to know.

Feb 1, 2018

Next Week's DOM Allocations: 4 Things to Know

Dominaria Prerelease allocation numbers will hit your inbox next week. Here's what you need to know.

The scheduling window for the whole suite of Dominaria events opens next Monday, February 5, which means that your expected allocation numbers for Prerelease will hit your inbox early next week.

If you have questions about your allocations, these four important reminders could save you some time on the phone:

1. It's based on attendance for Ixalan.

Prerelease allocations are based on participation from your last Prerelease for a similarly-sized set. In this case, Ixalan. Your allocation will generally stay right around those numbers, with a little bit of room to grow your events.

For example:

  Ixalan (XLN) Dominaria (DOM)
Total Prerelease Packs 108 126
Baseline Prerelease Packs 72 90
Growth Prerelease Packs 36 36
Attendance 94 N/A

First, we start with your Ixalan attendance to determine your baseline allocation for Dominaria. This should be pretty close to your reported attendance for Ixalan, but may be slightly higher or lower, since we round up or down to the nearest multiple of eighteen (the package quantity for Prerelease packs).

Then we'll add growth product as a percentage of your baseline allocation, again rounded to the nearest multiple of eighteen.

2. It can be adjusted before February 25.

If your numbers are lower than you were hoping, reach out to Retail Support and we'll be happy to talk about it. We can't guarantee an increase, but we might catch a discrepancy that our automated system did not. Just make sure to check in before scheduling closes on February 25.

Before contacting support, double check that your Ixalan Prereleases all got reported. That's one of the most common causes for lower-than-expected allocations.

Also: to contact support, it's better to email us, since hold times are usually higher when allocations go out.

3. Have to turn away players? Keep a tally.

If your DOM allocation turns out too low to support demand, keep a tally of players that you had to turn away. After Prerelease weekend, you can send us the list and we'll keep that on record.

But keep in mind that those numbers won't automatically be incorporated into future Prerelease allocations—it's always your responsibility to contact us during the scheduling window to request an allocation increase.

4. Only scheduling a traditional Prerelease will guarantee your final DOM allocation.

Like with Rivals, you'll have the option to schedule Prerelease Parties—casual, open play events with no pairings and no round structure, designed to enable the maximum use of Prerelease Packs. Get tips on how to run them here.

Quick reminder: Prerelease Parties are not a replacement for Prerelease. They're a way to help you avoid turning away business. The only way to guarantee you'll have access to the Prerelease product shown in your allocation email is to schedule a traditional Prerelease.

To avoid any negative impact on your future allocations, we recommend using Prerelease Parties sparingly and focusing on your main events.

The scheduling window for the Dominaria season of events opens February 5 and closes on February 25, so schedule your events right away.

By Kyle Cassinerio, Wizards of the Coast Retail Support

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