Nov 30, 2021 — Unfinity

Prepare for Liftoff: Unfinity Arrives in October

Step right up for a closer look at Unfinity—plus Launch Party event scheduling details.

Nov 30, 2021 — Unfinity

Prepare for Liftoff: Unfinity Arrives in October

Step right up for a closer look at Unfinity—plus Launch Party event scheduling details.

Due to ongoing supply chain complications, the release of Unfinity—our fourth “Un-set,” originally slated for April 1, 2022—will be delayed until October 7th, 2022.

Unfinity is Magic at its most fun and light-hearted. These sets seek to break the tradition of other Magic sets, drawing on successful mechanical strengths and pushing them to the extreme—often using an outrageously humorous angle.

Unfinity Product Details

Unfinity is available globally, and includes Draft Boosters and Collector Boosters only in English. Inside, you'll find zany new mechanics and loads of collectability with space-themed basic lands, Shocklands, and an exciting new showcase treatment for eternal cards!

Full art basic lands are a hallmark of Un-sets, and players should look forward to infinite Booster Fun with the special Planetary Space-ic Lands, where each land type is illustrated to show off the landscape of an alien world.

Draft Booster Displays and Collector Booster Displays include a box topper: one of ten different Traditional Foil Shocklands! That's right—the Shocklands from Ravnica have been remade into ten borderless foil lands that players will delight in cracking open. To add to the fun, there's an additional play object included in every Draft Booster.

Because one foil is never enough, Unfinity's Collector Boosters are 100% foil! At least three foils in every pack are space-inspired galaxy foils, the illustrious foil treatment unique to this Un-set.

Your Unfinity Launch Party Need-to-Knows

Scheduling is now open for the Unfinity Launch Party in Wizards EventLink. It's never too early to schedule, and it's the best way to make sure your players can find and sign up for your event!

Your events may be either Draft or Sealed format—both are great for players who are looking forward to this unpredictable interstellar set. All they need to do is show up and play.

Players who join will receive a participation Promo for the release event while supplies last: Water Gun Balloon Game! This card comes from a previous Un-set, revamped with a black border for the first time and highlighting Unfinity's illustrious carnival setting. Amp up this artifact in your advertising to encourage more players to sign up for your event.

Eternal Cards and Acorn Stamps

Unlike other Un-sets, a selection of cards from Unfinity will be legal in Commander and Legacy formats, with additional cards allowed for casual play only, like previous Un-sets.

How will players know what's allowed and what isn't? An acorn stamp is present on cards allowed only in casual formats. Two acorn cards landing in Unfinity are Assembled Ensemble and Killer Cosplay.

Cards that have an oval stamp (or no security stamp at lower card rarities) will be legal in Eternal formats—that's Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. Two cards that fall into the Eternal card category that you can share with your players now are Saw in Half and Space Family Goblinson.

What are you waiting for? Open up Wizards EventLink and schedule your Launch Party to encourage more players to join in this intergalactic adventure!

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