Sep 8, 2017

Preview Your XLN Kits

Get a head start on your preparations with a sneak peek of your marketing kit.

Sep 8, 2017

Preview Your XLN Kits

Get a head start on your preparations with a sneak peek of your marketing kit.

Check out what's coming in your Ixalan marketing kit and get a head start on your preparations.

Ixalan Marketing Kit

Ixalan Prerelease: September 23–24, 2017
Kit delivery window: September 4–8, 2017

When a new Magic set launches, it should eclipse everything else. It's vital that players—especially new and lapsed players—can immediately identify the current expansion. Use this shelf talker to help guide them toward Ixalan.

Magic Open House

Magic Open House: Ixalan: September 16–17, 2017
Kit delivery window: September 4–8, 2017

Acquire new Magic players with a brief demo at Open House. Think "social event" and focus on new players: make their first match fun, get them excited for a second, and invite them back for Prerelease.

Once new players learn the basics, run a casual Standard event for them to play with their friends, meet the community, and practice the game.

The goal of Open House is acquiring new players, but it relies on existing players to invite interested friends. So we upgraded the promo to help bring them in: a foil full-art card from Ixalan, the first chance to take home a piece of the new set.

Draft Weekend

Draft Weekend: Ixalan: September 30–October 1, 2017
Kit delivery window: September 4–8, 2017

Draft Weekend celebrates the release of the latest set with a full weekend of drafting. Prepare a combination of scheduled events and drafts-on-demand: once you've got enough players, sit down and get started.

Remember: You should never turn drafters away for falling short of a full pod.

A lot of stores are under the misunderstanding that drafts require eight players. Not so. Eight players is ideal but drafting with fewer is better than turning away business.

Magic League

Magic League: Ixalan: October 2–October 29, 2017
Kit delivery window: September 4–8, 2017

Magic League is designed to get newcomers into the habit of playing in your store and prepare them for full community membership.

Give each league participant one of these collection boxes for their league deck storage. Instruct players to hold onto these boxes for use in the Rivals of Ixalan league.

Award this promo card to league participants who play ten or more games.

Buy-a-Box (Ships Separately)

Ixalan Buy-a-Box: September 29, 2017–January 18, 2018
Kit delivery window: September 25–29, 2017

All stores of core level and above automatically receive Buy-a-Box promo cards and booster packs based on store level. Distribute one foil promo Burning Sun's Avatar and one Buy-a-Box pack to those who purchase a booster display in your store.

Buy-a-Box booster packs contain the following and will only be printed in English and Japanese languages:

  • 2 foil basic lands illustrated by Rebecca Guay
  • 4 rares or mythic rares from Standard-legal sets
  • 2 foils of any rarity from Standard-legal sets
  • 1 foil Burning Sun's Avatar

Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic: Ixalan : October 6, 2017–January 12, 2018
Kit delivery window: September 4–8, 2017

Every week, players know they can count on Friday Night Magic for friends, fun, and battles. Your FNM promos come bundled for the full Ixalan season. You may distribute any of the three tokens each week, in any way you choose, but be careful to make sure you have enough tokens for the entire season.

Standard Showdown (Ships Separately)

Standard Showdown: Ixalan : October 7–December 24, 2017

Kit delivery window: September 25–29, 2017


Standard Showdown sustains the Magic ecosystem and keeps attendance up until the event cycle recurs. Keep attendance up all season by showing off the upgraded prize packs: each one contains an exclusive foil land by one of Magic's most popular artists, Rebecca Guay.

Promo packs include:

  • 2 rares or mythic rares from Standard-legal sets
  • 1 foil common or uncommon from Standard-legal sets
  • 1 foil basic land illustrated by Rebecca Guay

Store Championship (Ships in December)

Ixalan Store Championship: December 30–31, 2017
Kit delivery window: December 18–22, 2017

Store Championship is the grand finale of the Ixalan season. All participants will receive foil full-art promos, Top 8 players will be awarded an exclusive Ultra Pro deck box, and the store champion will win an exclusive playmat.

Stay tuned for more details and imagery as Store Championship gets closer.

By Jordan Comar

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