Dec 5, 2023 — Murders at Karlov Manor, Featured

Retailer First Look: Murders at Karlov Manor

Crack open the case file and check out what's coming with Murders at Karlov Manor.

Dec 5, 2023 — Murders at Karlov Manor, Featured

Retailer First Look: Murders at Karlov Manor

Crack open the case file and check out what's coming with Murders at Karlov Manor.

Murders at Karlov Manor sweeps fans back to the beloved plane of Ravnica, this time with a sinister twist. Players will step into the shoes of Ravnica's greatest detectives to uncover the truth behind a string of murders, faced with sinister twists around every corner.

Review Play Boosters & the Product Lineup

With Murders at Karlov Manor, we're introducing the Play Booster, which combines the awesome pack-opening experience of the Set Booster and the incredible Limited play experience of the Draft Booster.

The introduction of the Play Booster ultimately reduces the number of SKUs on your shelves, leaving you more room for the full suite of Murders at Karlov Manor products:

  • Prerelease Pack
  • Play Booster
  • Collector Booster
  • Commander Decks (4 different decks)
  • Bundle
  • Ravnica: Cluedo Edition

For additional details about each product, visit the products page. There, you'll find photos, product contents, and other additional details to prepare you to engage with your community about the set.

Kickstart the Puzzle Experience at Prerelease & Beyond

With Murders at Karlov Manor, your players can interact with the game in a way they never have before. Each product in the set contains a puzzle to be solved; some puzzle components are only found within the physical products, but others encourage players to continue the discovery online with web-based puzzles added regularly throughout the season.

There is one overarching puzzle—across all products and online—that gives players who crave a true challenge the opportunity to solve a greater mystery; however, there are still 12 individual puzzles that are self-contained and are just as satisfying cases to crack.

Encourage your customers to pre-order from the entire product suite to pick up from your store during the Prerelease early sales period (excluding Japan): that way, they can start unraveling the mysteries of Karlov Manor right away!

Share the Buy-a-Box Promo

The Buy-a-Box promo remains an awesome way to encourage your community to take a deep dive into the set by purchasing a full display of boosters at your store: if they do, you'll get to hand them the Borderless promo Wojek Investigator while supplies last!

Customers can get their hands on their own copy of the Buy-a-Box promo by purchasing either of the following in-store (again, while supplies last):

  • Play Booster Display
  • Collector Booster Display

You may also hand out the Buy-a-Box promo to customers who pre-order product online to pick up in-store; however, you may not ship the Buy-a-Box promo with shipped orders. Please check the Promo Usage & Policy Hub for full details on every promo for the season as they're revealed!

Peek Into the Booster Fun Files

Impossible Basic Lands

The five Impossible Basic Lands—with art by Mia Boas—invoke mathematically-inspired visuals with irregular perspectives, each one a puzzle to ponder on its own.

Showcase Dossier & Invisible Ink

These cards come right from Ravnica's detective agency—visually, at least. The Showcase Dossier frame primes its suspects for the desk lamp limelight, including a fun typewriter-like font for the card details.

Select Showcase Dossier cards have "invisible" ink, adding surprise elements for players to uncover in their search. Showcase Dossier Invisible Ink cards are only available in Collector Boosters, and printed in English.

Showcase Magnified Cards

When a detective takes a closer look, often the truth is revealed...on Showcase Magnified cards, players can experience spotlight story moments highlighted under the magnifying glass.

Ravnica City Cards & Serialized Ravnica City Cards

Utilizing the frame introduced for Ravnica with March of the Machine, the Ravnica City Cards treatment frames each card with Ravnica's signature city spires.

For your avid Ravnica fans and serial collectors, you can tell them to look forward to serialized versions of the Ravnica City Cards as well. Serialized Ravnica City Cards are exclusive to Collector Boosters.

Track Down the Culprit in Ravnica: Cluedo Edition

Following the release of Murders at Karlov Manor, another new play experience joins the fray—Ravnica: Cluedo Edition. Blending the murder mystery whimsy of Magic with iconic board game Cluedo with its infamous cast of characters, your players will gather evidence to determine the killer, the scene of the crime, and the weapon.

Players will purchase a copy of Ravnica: Cluedo Edition, gather three friends, crack open packs, and step into the roles of Ravnica's top detectives. They'll use evidence to determine the killer, the scene of the crime, and the weapon in this Cluedo-inspired spin on Magic: The Gathering.

There are two ways to win: be the first to solve the mystery or be the last suspect standing.

For the Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Launch Party event, we'll be sending promos you can use to support groups of four who purchase and play with a copy of Ravnica: Cluedo Edition in your store. Players will play Ravnica: Cluedo Edition out of the box, and each player will take home cards from their deck as well as Cluedo-inspired cards dealt to them from the start of the game.

The winner of the group of four will take home any remaining cards as their prize, including the traditional foil Shock Land Box Topper and all remaining Cluedo-inspired cards in the product that were not dealt to other players.

Today, we previewed just a few of the Cluedo-inspired cards your community can look forward to finding inside the product: Senator Peacock, Lead Pipe, and Dining Room.

Each Ravnica: Cluedo Edition product contains one of 10 traditional foil Shock Land Box Toppers: for First Look, we previewed Steam Vents.

Ravnica: Cluedo Edition launches February 23, 2024. Start collecting pre-orders early and keep an eye out for additional details for how to market this exciting out-of-the-box play experience to your community.

Clues, secrets, hidden identities, and ulterior motives abound—the first Standard set release of 2024 has plenty of mystery to uncover. Catch up on the key dates and details and get your community up to date on the latest previews.

Don't forget to hop over to our marketing materials page and grab product shots and key art to get your marketing efforts kicked off right away.

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