Sep 13, 2018 — Promos

Revealed: Your Guilds of Ravnica Promo Cards

. . .including the biggest creature ever printed outside of an Un-set.

Sep 13, 2018 — Promos

Revealed: Your Guilds of Ravnica Promo Cards

. . .including the biggest creature ever printed outside of an Un-set.

Guilds of Ravnica is right around the corner and your promos are on the way.

Kits are will arrive in waves, so keep an eye out for deliveries in the weeks to come.

Here’s a look at what you’ll get:


Arriving in Stores September 4–11, 2018*


Magic Buy-a-Box

Available: September 29–30, October 5

Get in touch with your distributor right away—you’re once again eligible to sell advance booster boxes at Prerelease, in quantities equal to the number of Buy-a-Box promos you receive (20/40/60 for Core, Advanced, Advanced Plus respectively).

Speaking of which: this set’s promo is the biggest creature ever printed outside of an Un-set. Impervious Greatwurm is a 16/16 with indestructible, hypothetically castable for literal zero mana. It’s got “Timmy” written all over it, and it’s WPN exclusive—it can’t be found in Guilds of Ravnica booster packs.

Call your distributor now to order your advance boxes and hand one of these out with each one you sell (while supplies last).

Quantities—Core: 20/Advanced: 40/Advanced Plus: 60

Core Set 2019 Store Championship

Event Dates: September 10–16, 2018

Core Set 2019 Store Championship is a culmination of the season, plus it’s a glimpse of the next one: it’s the first chance for players to get their hands on cards from Guilds of Ravnica.

Hand out a foil full-art Emmara, Soul of the Accord promo card to each participant.


Give each player in your Top 8 an exclusive Store Championship deck box.


Award this exclusive Store Championship playmat to the winner.


Magic Open House

Event Dates: September 22¬–23, 2018

New players come first at Open House—invite new players to join your community with a Welcome Deck tutorial and a showcase of both the game and its social elements.

Give Welcome Decks to new players and pair them with one another.

Pass out this foil Boros Challenger to new players, plus veteran players who helped teach or brought a friend.


Magic Prerelease

Event Dates: September 29–30, 2018

Get players ready to rep their guild at Prerelease and beyond.

Hang these banners around your store to represent each of the guilds in Guilds of Ravnica—Boros, Dimir, Golgari, Izzet, and Selesnya.

Display this standee toward the front of your store. For assembly instructions, watch this video.)

Note: the standee goes to stores in the US and Canada only. All other regions will receive this poster:

Use this to help players easily identify the latest set.

Fill out the information for your entire Guilds of Ravnica season on this convenient poster. Hang it somewhere players can easily see and reference for their next event.

Invite players back to continue representing their guild at Ravnica Weekend with these Guild Invitations.


Friday Night Magic

Event Dates: October 5, 2018–January 18, 2019

You'll receive all your FNM promos for the Guilds of Ravnica season in this kit. Distribute them at FNM as you see fit—just make sure your supply will last the entire season.

Quantities—Core: 4 per week/Advanced: 8 per week/Advanced Plus: 16 per week Magic Draft Weekend

Event Dates: October 6–7, 2018


A weekend of drafting the newest set. Pass out Draft Weekend promos to anyone who drafts on Saturday or Sunday.

Quantities—Core: 24/Advanced and Advanced Plus: 48

Magic League

Event Dates: October 8–November 4, 2018

Magic League helps new players build their collections and ease them into the habit of playing in your store. Hand a participation promo to players who’ve completed at least 10 matches.*



*League Kits include promo cards only. Collection boxes have been omitted.



Arriving in Stores October 1–5, 2018*


Magic Standard Showdown

Event Dates: October 14–December 29, 2018

An event for more competitive players to hone their Standard decks. Handout Standard Showdown prize boosters to your top competitors at the end of each event.

Quantities—Core: 3 per week/Advanced: 6 per week/Advanced Plus: 9 per week

Ravnica Weekend

Event Dates: November 9–11, 2018

Three days of 4-pack drafts, Guild Kit Battles, and roleplaying with a preview adventure from Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica, the upcoming Magic/D&D crossover.

Display the poster toward the front of the store.

Use the guild prints as prizes, however you see fit.

You’ll get twenty of these exclusive basic lands—ten lands, two copies each. Use them to reward players at your discretion.


If your kits have any damaged materials or you would like more tips on best practices for using these materials at your store, please contact Retail Support.


*Date of kit arrival may vary by region.


By Nataly Scheidt

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