May 21, 2020 — Core Set 2021

Scheduling Core Set 2021: What You Need to Know

Get information about your Promo Pack and Prerelease allocations and the updated Jumpstart Launch Event here.

May 21, 2020 — Core Set 2021

Scheduling Core Set 2021: What You Need to Know

Get information about your Promo Pack and Prerelease allocations and the updated Jumpstart Launch Event here.

It's a complicated time to start thinking about scheduling events for Core Set 2021.

In some regions, things are beginning to resemble normal. Elsewhere, more uncertainty remains. As we look ahead to M21 season and everything the set has to offer—and it has plenty—our goal is to enable stores to make M21 a success, inside the boundaries of what's safe and responsible in their part of the world.

With that in mind, scheduling opens today for Core Set 2021, Jumpstart, and Love Your Local Game Store events. Here are some important things to know when you schedule them.

Let's start with that last one.

Scheduling is also open for Love Your Local Game Store events.

When you log into WER, you'll spot something new: the Love Your Local Game Store promotional event.

We can't wait to see game stores reopening their doors, and we know a lot of you plan to make an occasion of it. We hope that this promotional event and the kit that comes with it—including possibly the all-time best-ever Buy-a-Box promo—will help you do just that.

Along with your Mystery Booster LGS relief allocation, you'll also get:

Ikoria art prints

Reliquary Tower promos

Mechagodzilla promos—better known as Hangarback Walker

Because in-store play is still in an uncertain space for most of the world, Love Your Local Game Store focuses on sales incentives. Get the full breakdown on this promotion here. But here's the short version:

Schedule your event for on or after June 5 (the first available date will vary by region). Give out Reliquary Towers for any Magic purchase (any). Give out Mechagodzilla/Hangarback Walker for any full box purchase (any). If you're able to run in-store play, host a Chaos Sealed Deck League and reward participants with art prints and Reliquary Tower.

Jumpstart Launch Events run on July 17–19.

As you've likely heard, Jumpstart’s previously announced tabletop release date has shifted to July 17, and Prerelease has been replaced by launch events on July 17–19.

The Jumpstart Launch Event can be scheduled in WER at any point over the event weekend (July 17–19). When you schedule, run an all-day "Player List Only" event.

To continue supporting regions that are affected by and recovering from COVID-19, players don't need to play in-store to count towards your Jumpstart Launch Event—add any player who purchases two Jumpstart boosters from your store to your Jumpstart Launch Event.

Learn more about Jumpstart and the new Launch Event here.

Spread attendance out with unlimited Prereleases all week long.

In order to help organizers maximize overall attendance while limiting the number of people in their store at any given time, we're lifting all limits on the number of events you can run, and making Prerelease events available all the way until Thursday, July 2nd (Core Set 2021 only).

For example, if you're restricted to hosting, say, ten people in your store at a single time, you can run events with eight people and three rounds all week and still have strong participation overall.

Note that this could also allow friend groups to sign up together and enable organizers to run an event just for that group—private Prereleases, essentially.

(Note also that At-Home Prerelease is available again for Core Set 2021.)

Launch Party: Core Set 2021

Opening weekend is all about Limited play. For Core Set 2021, we're celebrating the new set with an alternative limited experience: Sealed. It's a great opportunity for players who look forward to the excitement of checking out new cards without being required to bring their own deck.

For Launch Party, you can host whichever Sealed events work best for your community—we suggest using leftover Prerelease Packs, kicking off your Sealed League, and/or hosting low-cost, 4-pack, 30-card-deck Sealed events during opening weekend.

Schedule in WER, not EventLink

If you schedule your events in Wizards Event Reporter, you can still run them in EventLink. But not the other way around.

So, while M21, Jumpstart, and Love Your Local Game Store events will all eventually appear in EventLink, it's better to schedule them in WER in this case.

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