Aug 4, 2020 — Set Booster

Set Boosters: 7 Common Questions, Answered

Are Set Boosters just for Zendikar Rising? Is this a limited print run product? Find out here.

Aug 4, 2020 — Set Booster

Set Boosters: 7 Common Questions, Answered

Are Set Boosters just for Zendikar Rising? Is this a limited print run product? Find out here.

With the release of Zendikar Rising comes a new way to experience Magic: The Set Booster.

If you haven't gotten up to speed on Set Boosters, here's the short version: they're a new way to open Magic boosters focused entirely on the pack opening experience rather than the Booster Draft experience. Check out Mark Rosewater's introduction here.

Now let's dig into some of the finer details. Here are answers to the seven most common questions we're gotten from WPN members about Set Boosters.

Are Draft Boosters going away?

Nope. Players who want to keep opening Draft Boosters absolutely can keep doing so. But if they're looking to just open packs to see what's inside—rather than draft or play in Prerelease, etc.—Set Boosters are the way to go.

Draft Boosters are still included in products that include Booster Packs, like Bundles and Prerelease Packs.

Are Set Boosters just for Zendikar Rising?

We intend to include Set Boosters in the product mix for main set releases going forward. Think Theme Boosters or Collector Boosters. Same plan.

Will Set Boosters have a limited print run?

Set Boosters are eligible for reprints, just like Draft Boosters.

Will Set Boosters be eligible for the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion? What about the Buy-a-Box promotion?

Only Draft Boosters are eligible for advanced sales at Prerelease. (Note that WPN Premium can also sell Collector Boosters.)

But as a special promotion, Zendikar Rising Prerelease participants can receive a Set Booster while supplies last: we'll send out Set Boosters to use as Prerelease participation prizes along with the rest of your Zendikar Rising kits.

Purchases of full Set Booster Boxes are eligible for Buy-a-Box promo cards as well.

How many cards are in a Set Booster? How many Set Boosters are in a display? How many displays are in a case?

Cards per pack: 12 Magic cards, 1 art card, 1 token
Packs per display: 30
Displays per case: 6

How can I tell Set Boosters apart from other boosters?

Here's what they look like:

Draft, Collector, and Set Boosters are all packaged differently to help distinguish them from one another on a shelf. Note the varying color schemes, art styles, and so on. Zendikar Rising Set Boosters also include "A New Kind of Booster!" on packaging to help them stand out even more.

What languages are available?

Zendikar Rising Set Boosters are available in English and Japanese. Cards from "The List" will be in English, regardless of the language of the rest of the booster. (Find out more about The List here.)

Zendikar Rising and the new Set Boosters release on September 25—we hope you're as excited about this new addition to the product mix as we are!

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