Sep 30, 2022

Starter Commander Decks Release December 2

Give new Commander players an easy onboarding experience with Starter Commander Decks.

Sep 30, 2022

Starter Commander Decks Release December 2

Give new Commander players an easy onboarding experience with Starter Commander Decks.

Another new player-focused product will join the ranks on December 2: Starter Commander Decks. Each of these five pre-constructed, 100-card decks will help give your players a straightforward way to experience Commander right out of the box.

The 5 Commander Decks included in the Starter Commander Decks release are:

  • First Flight (White-Blue)

  • Grave Danger (Blue-Black)

  • Chaos Incarnate (Black-Red)

  • Draconic Destruction (Red-Green)

  • Token Triumph (Green-White)

As you start your early planning for this release, there are a few strategies you can consider that help tie this product release to your event calendar and merchandising strategy.

Host a Learn-to-Play Commander Event

One great way to spark player interest in these new products is to schedule a custom Commander event specifically for new players around the time of the Starter Commander Decks release. You may also consider using promo packs or random event raffles as incentives to get players to sign up and participate at the event in-store.

At the event, encourage interested players to buy one of the Starter Commander Decks to play right in your store. If you're able, have a staff member ready to act as a mentor, guiding the 4-player pod through their first Commander game and keeping the table open to questions.

Alternatively, if you have an active player community and have volunteers willing to mentor during new player events, encourage them to do so, and make sure you find a way to reward them, whether that’s in the form of a promo or in-store credit.

Merchandise Alongside Other Magic Starter Products

Once you've got your product in-hand, consider merchandising it in a display with other new player-friendly Magic products, such as:

  • Jumpstart 2022, which is ideal for new-to-Magic players

  • Game Night: Free-for-All, great for board game fans

  • 2022 Starter Kits, perfect for two players who want to learn Magic together

You may consider including creative signage to direct your newer players to this product with a sign that reads: "Don't know where to start? Try these!" Inviting players to browse with appropriate signage encourages them to explore each product and purchase what captures their interest.

More information will be released about the Starter Commander Decks in the coming weeks—until then, be sure to get in touch with your distributor to ensure you have this product in-store for the December 2 release.

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