Mar 5, 2019

Tabletop Magic Is The Biggest It’s Ever Been

There are more players shuffling up and battling in WPN member stores than ever before. And we’re just getting started.

Mar 5, 2019

Tabletop Magic Is The Biggest It’s Ever Been

There are more players shuffling up and battling in WPN member stores than ever before. And we’re just getting started.

Dominaria broke every in-store play record.

It started with the best-attended Prerelease in history—more than 420,931 players. Then the biggest Draft Weekend. By June it was the best-attended season ever, with more players joining Friday Night Magic, weekly Standard events, and so on, than at any point since the game debuted.

Maybe it was because Dominaria was special. It was a homecoming, a return to Magic’s first plane. Magic’s inventor even pitched in, with new and fascinating mechanics. Warm fuzzies abounded. Maybe it was that.

Trouble with that theory is, Guilds of Ravnica broke all Dominaria's records just a couple months later. Bigger Prerelease, 6% more active players. Then Ravnica Allegiance beat the Prerelease record again—more players came to RNA Prerelease than came to Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease and Draft Weekend combined.

Simply put, tabletop Magic is the biggest it’s ever been. And we’re just getting started.

Through our commitment to in-store play—and yours—we expect to see new innovations and new in-store programs grow tabletop Magic to even greater heights.

Case in point: Magic Weekend.


The Innovative Mid-Season Powerhouse


Ravnica Weekend Ravnica Allegiance was the second iteration of the new rotating, mid-season innovation event and it drew 34,395 players—many of whom wouldn’t have played that weekend without this engaging event.

For War of the Spark, we’re rolling out a third iteration of Magic Weekend with a special one-off format that includes unique rules curated by Magic’s design studio, based around the set’s themes and mechanics. We'll tell you more when card previews start.

This innovative event will help engage your player community and generate in-store play. If trends continue, around 61% of players will come back from Prerelease—that's the percentage of RNA Prerelease players who came back for Magic Weekend last time around.

And, beyond that, we're supporting it with. . .


The Biggest Event Kit of All Time


Take a look:

First, you'll get a poster tryptic. These three posters that can either stand alone or unite to make one larger image.

A set of 60 stickers inspired by War of the Spark’s characters.

A playmat.

Two sets of promo cards—one alternate art, one full art, in quantities determined by your store level.

Magic Weekend for War of the Spark takes place on May 25th, but the scheduling window is open now.

Take advantage of the momentum of in-store play during the mid-season by scheduling your Magic Weekend in Wizards Event Reporter today.

By Jordan Comar

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