Oct 3, 2016

Tools for Coaching New Players

Help turn new players into regulars with these tools!

Oct 3, 2016

Tools for Coaching New Players

Help turn new players into regulars with these tools!

Attracting new players to Magic: The Gathering begins with a great demo.

And we have lots of free tools to help!

Learn-to-Play Interactive Tutorial

We're introducing a new tool to help you share Magic with new customers online!

This interactive tutorial walks new players through the fundamental steps of Magic game play, and encourages players to stop by your store for an in-person demo.

It currently appears on our WPN Facebook tab. If you haven't installed the tab, do so now!

How to Install the Wizards Play Network Facebook Tab

Just click this link, select your store's page, then choose "Add Page Tab." Navigate back to your store's page, and click "Manage Tabs." Slide the tab up to the top.

This tab only works with a business Facebook page. It cannot be used on a personal Facebook page or on a website.

If you've already installed the tab, you don't need to do anything to get access to the new content.

Rules Reference Cards

Set up a demo table by downloading and printing the Rules Reference Card and taping it flat on the table!

Magic Duels

Put Magic Duels to work as an "extra employee." Download the free tutorial and set up a demo station in your store!

Be sure to send your new players home with a welcome deck and invite them back to your next event!

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