Jul 27, 2018

Updates to Alcohol and Age Restriction Policies

We’re updating a few policies. Get details here.

Jul 27, 2018

Updates to Alcohol and Age Restriction Policies

We’re updating a few policies. Get details here.

Effective July 23, we’ve updated our policies regarding alcohol and age restrictions at WPN events.

WPN policies do not prohibit serving or consuming alcohol at DCI-sanctioned events (including in play spaces), and organizers may now restrict events by age.

The goal is better play experiences. For example, you might give younger players a better experience by limiting the competition to their peers. Likewise, players above a certain age threshold might appreciate events tailored specifically for their age group.

See the full revisions below:


Alcohol Policy


Here’s the updated alcohol policy:


WPN Terms and Conditions do not prohibit the serving or consumption of alcohol at sanctioned events (including in play spaces).


WPN Members must comply with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances relating to the marketing, sale and distribution of alcohol which includes obtaining all necessary permits and confirming that customers who purchase or consume alcohol are of the legal drinking age (confirmed with ID).

WPN Members that fail to maintain a family friendly environment or retail hobby focus, or those that violate applicable laws, may be removed from the WPN.


Note that this change includes beer, wine, and spirits, and applies to off-site play locations—but remember that Wizards reviews all WPN locations, and we’ll continue to refuse places like bars, tobacco lounges, and all age-restricted venues.

The WPN remains committed to safe, inclusive, family-friendly play spaces, and we fully expect WPN members to share in that commitment.


Age Restrictions Policy


Another change takes effect today: organizers may now run age-restricted events. So, that means events for young players (“16 and under,” for example) are now on the table, as well as adults-only events (like “21 and up”).

This revision excludes Premier Play (PPTQs, etc), which must be accessible to all players.

We hope these changes will enable WPN members to tailor events for specific groups within their player community. It’s still vital to have options for all ages at your store, but we feel that these frequently requested changes will give you the tools to craft better experiences for your players.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Retail Support

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