Nov 15, 2022 — Jumpstart 2022, New Player Acquisition

Using Jumpstart 2022 for New Player Acquisition

Re-ignite your players' hype for Jumpstart 2022 by scheduling can't-miss, ready-to-play experiences.

Nov 15, 2022 — Jumpstart 2022, New Player Acquisition

Using Jumpstart 2022 for New Player Acquisition

Re-ignite your players' hype for Jumpstart 2022 by scheduling can't-miss, ready-to-play experiences.

On December 2, the latest edition of the Jumpstart product your players know and love releases in stores—Jumpstart 2022! Jumpstart 2022 is one of the fastest ways for players to leap into a game of Magic; all your players need to start a game is to open two packs and shuffle them together.

This upcoming release expands upon the Jumpstart release from 2020, promising even more entertaining theme combinations for your players to try. Prepare your community for the release by reminding them what to expect in the set and advertise your Jumpstart 2022 Launch Party.

What's In Jumpstart 2022

Your customers can pick up Jumpstart 2022 as individual packs or full Booster Display boxes. Each pack contains 20 cards, plus an insert that describes the theme of the pack. There are 46 total themes in Jumpstart 2022, meaning there are over a thousand possible combinations for your players to experience.

Additionally, every pack contains one card with anime-inspired art, delivering a unique aesthetic appeal that may bring in new players to your store who are endeared to the style.

Each Jumpstart 2022 pack is also compatible with Set Jumpstart Boosters, such as those that were released with Dominaria United or The Brothers' War, which expands the plausible theme combinations even further. Plus, mixing Set Jumpstart with Jumpstart 2022 is a simple way to ease newer Magic players into specific settings and stories while keeping the game light.

Host an Awesome Jumpstart 2022 Launch Party

Opening weekend brings the most opportunity for engagement with many releases, and Jumpstart 2022 is no exception. While Jumpstart 2022 is an evergreen product that can sit with your other New Player products on the shelf comfortably, new player-focused events like a Launch Party can give players an experience that entices them to return to your store for more events in the future.

To support your Launch Party, you can expect to receive Jumpstart 2022 Launch Party promos: Kibo, Uktabi Prince. The quantity of promos you receive will be based on your store's metrics. Jumpstart 2022 Launch Party promos shipped with the rest of your marketing kit for The Brothers' War.

Players receive one participation promo card each time they purchase new packs during the Launch Party event. We suggest you designate a specific time window during which Jumpstart 2022 will be played in-store, so players may come in and play as many times as they like during that time.

To keep the event focused on a casual setting, we also encourage you to run it as Player-List Only. Additionally, keep the prize distribution flat, awarding prizes to players when they purchase their entry into the event or after they've played their first match.

After the Launch Party, encourage players to follow your store on social media or join a community Discord so they can keep up with upcoming Magic releases and events hosted at your location.

Encourage Repeat Play with Incentives

Driving new players to your store is a great first step to building your store's game community. Transforming those new players into engaged players may require you to get creative in the various incentives you offer.

There are numerous strategies you can use to bolster your in-store play incentives; whether you choose to kick off an in-store New Player League, provide a stamp card for returning players, or choose something else entirely is up to you. We encourage you to use incentive systems that work well within your individual community.

As you get to know your new players, you'll learn about what they like most about playing Magic, helping you tailor your recommendations for what they can purchase and events they can sign up for at your store. But first, get your community started with Jumpstart 2022 Launch Party—head over to Wizards EventLink and get your event on the books today!

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