Jun 17, 2021

Wizards EventLink Update Log May 11, 2021

A running list of updates, new features, and bug fixes for Wizards EventLink.

Jun 17, 2021

Wizards EventLink Update Log May 11, 2021

A running list of updates, new features, and bug fixes for Wizards EventLink.

Release Notes: May 11, 2021

Our latest EventLink release rolls out big upgrades to the "Currency" functionality for creating events, several bug fixes, and a sneak peek of the upcoming multiple event creation feature. Let’s go!

Currency Defaults

As I detailed in our last release notes column the "Currency" option when creating an event now defaults to the currency defined by the user. As you create a new event, changing "USD" to, for example, "EUR" means that your default currency will remain the Euro moving forward until you change it to something else. Two notes on the feature:

  • Changing your currency doesn’t change the currency selection for all the events you already have scheduled, but will change all your events moving forward
  • If you clear the cache on your browser, you’ll need to set your default currency again the next time you use EventLink


  • The favicon has been updated to the new Wizards of the Coast logo
  • A bug that caused events to be unable to progress was fixed (note: the issue impacted 11 events total among the thousands that have been run in EventLink to date)

Thanks to all our WPN retailers who take the time to provide feedback and report bugs. You're a big part of helping us make sure EventLink is the best it can be! You can submit feedback using the “Submit feedback” option in EventLink at any time.

Multiple Event Creation Sneak Peek

The next big feature our team has been working on enables WPN stores to quickly schedule all of your official in-store play programs at the same time. Whether it's arranging a weekend of Prerelease events, setting up several months of Friday Night Magics, or organizing your Commander Nights you’ll be able to do it quickly using our new and improved templates. Here is the initial design when you decide to create a new event:

You’ll see a list of all the available in-store play programs you can schedule, including a "timer" feature that indicates visually any events whose sanction window may be closing soon. Additional filter features allow you to quickly find event templates you’re looking for, as well as identify key event types important to your community. Don’t need a template? Click "Create Custom" to create a custom event.

So how do you create multiple events at the same time? Let’s look at a Friday Night Magic example. Henry’s Magic Dungeon runs multiple FNM event types every week: Standard and Modern. Henry, the owner of the store, chooses the Friday Night Magic template:

The template handles filling out key information, like having "Friday Night Magic" in the title, automatically. Henry can add text as needed to personalize the information, as well as defining the format ("Standard") and the date and time of the event. He can also set the event to "recur" on a regular basis. By selecting "Friday" and choosing an end date in three months Henry will automatically schedule an event for every Friday for the next quarter.

After completing his Standard FNM event, Henry clicks the "Create Duplicate" tab to copy that event's details. This duplicates a new instance of this event with all the details Henry has specified previously. He can update relevant information, like changing the format to "Modern," and schedule all his FNMs at the same time. Note: in this instance, by setting the event to "recur" weekly, Henry is scheduling both his Standard and Modern FNMs for three months at a time with a single click!

The engineers are hard at work on implementing the designs, and we are on track for a delivery of this new feature by the end of the second quarter of 2021.

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