Rules and Documents

Title Category/Type Updated Download
Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules Rules/List 11/18/17
Iconic Masters Deck Checklist Checklist 11/10/17
Magic Premier Event Invitation Policy Rules/List 10/18/17
Magic Infraction Procedure Guide Rules/List 09/26/17
Magic: The Gathering Double-faced Cards FAQ Rules/List 10/16/17
Betrayal at Baldur's Gate Promo Card Pack Instructions Instructions 09/22/17
Ixalan Set Release Notes Rules/List 09/15/17
Ixalan Deck Checklist Checklist 09/15/17
Magic: The Gathering Plan-o-gram Rules/List 09/12/17
Iconic Masters Release Notes Rules/List 09/11/17
The Ideal Event Path Instructions 09/11/17
Ixalan Standard Showdown Instructions Instructions 09/01/17
Ixalan Magic Open House Instructions 09/01/17
Ixalan Shadow Box Instructions Instructions 09/01/17
Ixalan Event Guide Instructions 09/01/17
WER Outage Action Plan Instructions 08/09/17
Wizards Play Network Promotional Material Policy Rules/List 08/28/17
Hour of Devastation Decklist Checklist 06/30/17
Hour of Devastation Set Release Notes Rules/List 06/30/17
Hour of Devastation Magic Open House Instructions 06/19/17
Hour of Devastation Magic League Instructions 06/22/17
Hour of Devastation Event Guide Instructions 06/19/17
Magic in Schools Letter Instructions 06/06/17
Event Quality Checklist Checklist 08/11/17
Amonkhet Release Notes Rules/List 04/17/17