Amonkhet Video Guide

Amonkhet Video Guide

March 27, 2017 | 3 min to read

Learn about the new programs releasing with Amonkhet and how they can help build repeat business at your store.

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  1. Save your three standees. You'll use them again for Hour of Devastation. You'll be sent new inserts with updated art in your event kit.
  2. Save the four-sided dice for post-Prerelease events. Players who attend Prerelease have automatically completed the “Attend a Sealed event” trial, and received a Spindown life counter in their Prerelease pack as a reward. The 4-sided dice should be used to encourage players to complete additional trials.
  3. Download extra Trials Activity Cards. You will likely need additional Trials Activity Cards for the players who did not attend Prerelease but want to earn four-sided dice at other events.
  4. You can download and print extras from the Marketing Materials page under “Event Accessories.”
  5. You can schedule up to eight Standard Showdown events. The number of Standard Showdown boosters you receive is based on both your store level and the number of events you schedule:
    • Core: 3 boosters /event
    • Advanced: 6 boosters / event
    • Advanced Plus: 9 boosters / event
  6. Promote the Standard Showdown boosters. Each booster will have four cards pulled from any Standard-legal set. Two cards will be a rare or mythic rare, one will be a full-art land from Amonkhet, and the final slot will be a premium card of any rarity that also has a chance of being a full-art land.

By Jordan Comar


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