EventLink Release Notes: March 22, 2021

EventLink Release Notes: March 22, 2021

April 7, 2021 | 3 min to read

Multiple Event Creation in EventLink

Creating multiple events at the same time is a big-time saver and highly sought-after feature for EventLink. I'm excited today to show the improvements we've delivered to make this easier and talk about what's coming down the road.

First, let's distinguish between the two types of events a user can create in EventLink:

  • Store-organized events with characteristics defined by you, the retailer

  • Scheduled events from an event template with characteristics defined, in part, by us here at Wizards; typically, these events are a part of play programs like Friday Night Magic or Prereleases

For the portion of the WPN where in-store WPN play is suspended, you're currently only able to create events using Wizards event templates—multi-event creation for those types of events is coming by the end of Q2.

The solution we're building is based off interviews with WPN retailers, and it will allow you to quickly create multiple instances of online events.

In regions of the world where in-store WPN play is permitted, you can now create multiple events at once when making store-organized events.

Simply create a new event using the calendar or "Create New Event" button. In the event creation form you'll see this field:

Expanding it gives you these options for creating multiple events:

  • Single Event: use this field if you're running a single event that doesn't need to repeat. This is the default option, so you don't have to make any changes to your selection if you're running a one-off event.

  • Daily: use this field to create an event that happens every day.

  • Weekly: use this field to create an event that happens on the same day each week.

  • Monthly: use this field to repeat your event each month, either on a specific day of the month (the third Tuesday, for example), or a specific date of the month (the 15th of the month, for example).

Whenever you create multiple events together, all details are copied for the additional events except for the date. You only need to fill out your event information once!

You can apply changes to your entire series or a single event by opening the event in the calendar view:

You can remove one part of the series or cancel all the events in a series straight from the event view on the calendar:

Companion Registration Improvements

Feedback directly from retailers showed us that, when adding players joining your events via Companion, the "Expedited Players" lobby was confusing.

We also heard a great suggestion: prompt event staff if they attempt to start an event with Companion players still waiting to register, just in case it was a mistake, to move forward with the event.

Those changes are here! Here's what you'll see in EventLink for your players attempting to join your events using the Magic Companion app:

If you attempt to start the event while players are still waiting to join the event, you'll get this helpful message:

If you did intend to start you can click "Start Event" or press the "Enter" key. If it was a mistake, simply click "Cancel" and go back to registering players.

Our sincere thanks to the retailers who took the time to provide this valuable feedback, and don't forget: if you have feedback about EventLink, you can submit it directly through the website. We read every message that comes through.


We spent a portion of our latest sprint tackling bugs that don't face customers. However, one that you may notice: several retailers had straggling "floating" events that appeared every time they used the application and couldn't be removed. That issue has been fixed and those events will no longer float forwards.

Our next release for EventLink is scheduled for March 31. See you then!


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