May 6, 2024 — Bloomburrow, Featured

Dates & Details for Bloomburrow

Collect key dates for Bloomburrow and recap February's First Look content.

May 6, 2024 — Bloomburrow, Featured

Dates & Details for Bloomburrow

Collect key dates for Bloomburrow and recap February's First Look content.

Bloomburrow invites your players to shrink down to big adventure in a brand-new expression of Magic, filled with small—but mighty!—woodland creatures who wield the powers of their fantastical woodland world and strive to protect it from fearsome calamity beasts.

Your community will be immersed together and defend the tiny, idyllic land from the chaotic forces that threaten it. As you prepare, keep our key dates and new details top of mind.

Bloomburrow Key Dates

Distributor Selection and Prerelease Allocation Increase Request Deadline: May 17

Scheduling Opens: May 6

WPN Marketing Portal Update/New Materials Available (WPN Premium stores in U.S., Canada, and Guam only): June 6

Promotional Kit Delivery: Beginning July 19

Prerelease: July 26 – August 1

Release: August 2

Bloomburrow Starter Kit Release: August 2

Commander Party: August 16 – 22 & September 6 – 12

Store Championship: August 24 – September 1

Standard Showdown: August 2 – September 19

Friday Night Magic: August 2 – September 12

Open House: September 13 – 15

Scheduling is open today, so find time early to get your events on the calendar—the earlier you schedule, the more lead time you have to advertise your events to your players and garner interest from those curious about what awaits them in this fantastical woodland world, Valley.

Bloomburrow art by Grady Frederick

Art by Grady Frederick

Be sure you send your players to the First Look article from MagicCon Chicago to catch up on all the tiny critter goodness we've revealed so far.

While your players explore the first look at Valley, dive into these top reminders for the season.

Open House is now at the end of the play season.

To better support new players' learning path, Open House for Bloomburrow takes place at the end of the season. For new players, learning at Open House allows them to wrap their hands around the game in this charming pastoral setting, building confidence before diving into the next set's Prerelease.

Invite your experienced players to mark Open House on their calendars, too—this gives you the opportunity to entice your more experienced players to mentor new-to-Magic players, if they're interested.

You can do this however suits your community best, whether through offering seasonal promo packs or other rewards to incentivize these experienced players to teach newer fans the basics.

Commander Party is now offered twice during the Bloomburrow season!

What better way to immerse your players in the story of the latest Magic set than to have them play with augmented rules, designed specifically around the set's theme? Commander Party is now offered twice a season, giving players an additional opportunity to gather and enjoy a different way to play their favorite format.

The two weekends where you can run Commander Party events are near the season's start, from August 16 – 22, and again at the end of the season from September 6 – 12. Each WPN store will receive English-language Commander Party materials; local-language files will be available to download on the marketing materials page closer to the event.

Standard Showdown becomes an evergreen Wizards EventLink template.

Starting with Bloomburrow, Standard Showdown will be an evergreen template in Wizards EventLink, just like Friday Night Magic—meaning you can schedule as many events past the Bloomburrow season window as you like.

Please continue to use the Standard Showdown template for Standard Showdown events.

Sticker Sheets will now be gift-with-purchase with Bloomburrow Starter Kit.

The Sticker Sheets sent as part of your marketing materials kit for Bloomburrow are intended to be used as a gift-with-purchase item, handed to customers who purchase Bloomburrow Starter Kit at your store. This promotion kicks off starting at Open House, continuing for as long as supplies last.

Of note, Sticker Sheets are now sent to all stores in English-language only.

The woodland world of Bloomburrow is filled with creatures and environments wondrous to behold—and there's no time like the present to get your events scheduled to prepare your community to find their place in Bloomburrow's small-scale world of larger-than-life imagination.

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