Get Your Store Featured on the Magic Web Site . . .

Get Your Store Featured on the Magic Web Site . . .

June 29, 2015 | 1 min to read

Want to get your store showcased in front of Magic: The Gathering players worldwide?

Send photos of your Magic Origins events by July 21 to!

On Wednesday, July 29, we'll highlight those stores who created amazing experiences for their players at their Magic Origins events.

Then on Tuesday, August 4, one of those great stores will be featured on the Magic: The Gathering site for players around the world!

How to Get Your Store Featured

Step 1: Create Amazing Experiences at Your Magic Origins Events

For some inspiration, check out our Magic Origins Events Video Guide and these ideas for Prerelease .

Step 2: Take Photos of Your Magic Origins Events

Make sure to:

  • Showcase what makes your events great for players.
  • Feature large groups of players. (No photos of kids under 13.)
  • Provide high-resolution, in-focus, and properly lit images.

Step 3: Send Us Your Photos and Stories by 7/21.

Email your Magic Origins event photos and stories by 7/21 to

By Jordan Comar


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