How Magic Duels Can Help Grow Your Business

How Magic Duels Can Help Grow Your Business

July 29, 2015 | 2 min to read

It's pretty simple: more people playing Magic = more people playing Magic in stores.

But new players need to learn to play the game somehow.

According to retailer Shane Munyer of, the most powerful teaching tool in Magic's history lies just a click away:

Something we have found absolutely, absolutely valuable is [Magic Duels]. It is absolutely amazing to teach people.

Magic Duels is a fun way for existing players to enjoy the game of Magic on a digital platform. But it also serves an important purpose of bringing new players to the game and into your store, with in-game screens like these:

20 million gamers have tried the game thus far. The 20 million and 1st could be en route to your store at this very moment.

Are you ready? Here's what you need to do:

Download Duels and Get to Know It

And ask your staff to do the same. The better you know the game, the smoother an experience you can curate for your new players.

It's free to play. Another plus: it's fun.

Teach Players with Duels

Magic Duels is now the definitive, intuitive way to learn to play Magic: The Gathering, better than any friend willing to teach you or starter deck with a lengthy list of instructions and rules.—Game Informer

Over at, Shane has fully taken advantage of the teaching power of Magic Duels by setting up an Xbox to demo Magic to new players. Other retailers offer demos on tablets or their in-store PCs.

Leave a Review

Help extend the game's reach by leaving a review on your chosen platform.

I've never seen a better tool for teaching new players how to play Magic.—Ed Grabianowski,

Everyone in Magic—from players to stores to Wizards—wins when a new player takes up the game.

Be ready with Magic Duels!

By Matt Neubert


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